Doing a bit of Macro

Hi everyone,

As we’re confined to home I’m taking the opportunity to get into some macro photography with my 30 mm M.Zuiko macro lens and new light tent. For those not in the know, that’s not a lightweight piece of camping equipment, it’s something to light up whatever you’re photographing. I didn’t bother to iron the backdrops yet in my haste to try it out but did a couple of quick test shots. Diffused lighting from two lamps, one either side and in-camera focus-stacked @f/8.


auto focus stack sekonda watchauto focus stack watches

and some downsized crops

crop 4crop 3crop 2crop 1

Best wishes,


“Sunlight on the tracks”

Hi folks,

Hope you’re all keeping safe and well. Bridge over the railway taken near home during my daily exercise walk to ease the home confinement during the current Covid-19 epidemic.


Best wishes,