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Skylum Software latest free update for Luminar 3 (v3.1.0) with Accent AI 2.0

Hi everyone,

Here it is the latest update for Luminar 3   including the new Accent AI 2.0 feature. and a host of other new useful features. I’ve been fortunate to have been testing a beta release of these features for a few days now and they are great.

You’ve got to love these guys 🙂


Luminar Updates for Windows Users

The Windows version of Luminar receives several updates with version 3.1.0 We hope you enjoy this new release of Luminar and appreciate your feedback and reports.

New features

IMPORT IMAGES. You can now import images from a memory card or hard drive and copy them to a folder. You can also choose to include subfolders when importing

SMUGMUG SHARING. The ability to post images to SmugMug has now been added to Luminar for Windows.

SHORTCUTS. Folders and user albums can be added to the Shortcuts list. Just right-click for a context menu or drag & drop them into the list.

IMPROVED SELECTIONS. Want to choose a range of photos in the Gallery view? Try the Shift or Ctrl key to select a range or group of images. You can also deselect images from a multiselection by Ctrl+clicking on an image.

ROTATE IN GALLERY. Images selected in the gallery can be quickly rotated left or right by 90 ̊increments with no need to switch to edit view. Just use the Image > Rotate menu or just right-click.

PHOTOSHOP ELEMENTS SUPPORT. We’ve added Photoshop Elements support to the Windows platform. Just choose the Install Plugins command if you want to load Luminar as a plugin. For future versions of Luminar, plugin users should switch to Luminar Flex.

Performance Improvements

Get additional speed and performance from the Luminar update.

IMPROVED HISTORY. Undo a Sync/Copy/Paste adjustments with one step in the History list.

HIDDEN FILES. Luminar does a better job of filtering hidden folders and photo. Additionally, unwanted items like Backups, History, Previews, and Caches won’t be shown when opening Luminar Catalogs.

Luminar Updates for Mac Users

Several performance improvements, as well as new features, await Mac users. We hope you enjoy this new release of Luminar and appreciate your feedback and reports.

PROGRESS BAR. Keep better track of what’s happening when working with Luminar. You’ll see a progress bar when using tools like Erase or when running Luminar as a third-party filter.



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Skylum Software have a new product, Luminar Flex plugin a version of their Luminar software for Adobe Lightroom ®, Adobe Photoshop ® and Photos for MacOS ®.

Hi everyone,

Skylum have a new product which could be of interest to anyone involved with drone photography.

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A few videos:

Hi everyone,

I though I’d share this with you, hope it is of interest.

From Skylum Software:

“We’ll give away Photolemur 2 for free for three days once this video gets 100,000 VIEWS!

All you have to do is follow these 3 simple steps:

1. Watch this video.
2. Share this video with your friends on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) to get more views.
3. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to stay tuned.”

Additional I got quite a nice photo tutorial e-book by e-mail after subscribing to their channel. I know this is an advertising campaign by them but free is free 🙂 .

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Skylum software US$10 off coupon code and Luminar 3, ver. 3.0.2 update 19/2/2019

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Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links which means that I may receive a commission if you click on one of the product links and make a purchase. I only share products that I personally use and that I believe will be valuable to my readers. All opinions are my own.

Hi everyone,

I have setup a permanent US$10 off coupon code – LEIGH10SKYLUM which you can use if you are interested in purchasing their software. Remember that they have 30 day trials of their products available on their website and a 60 day money back guarantee. If your are interested in their products please use my affiliate links on the right or as below:

Aurora HDR 2019

Luminar 3


Please note that the above coupon code cannot be used during the sale but can be used at other times.

Luminar 3, ver. 3.0.2 update

Many thanks to Skylum for the opportunity to test the new version in advance of release. They have added some great new features. Thanks to the team at Skylum for all their hard work on the new version and for listening to their users.

New Features:

Take advantage of these new features.
* SUBFOLDER MANAGEMENT. Subfolders make it easy to further organize your image library. These are folders nested inside other folders in your catalog and directly tie back to real folders on your hard drive.
* Subfolder creation. You can create a new by right-clicking on an existing folder in your Library.
* Subfolder deletion. It is possible to delete a subfolder as well by right-clicking on it in your library.
* LOCATE FOLDER. Have you moved or copied media to a new location? You can right-click on an offline folder and choose Locate Folder to select and reconnect files.
* ADDING FOLDER IMPROVEMENTS. Change your mind when adding a folder? Just click Cancel to stop the current task.
* OFFLINE FILE ALERTS. See a visual alert indicating unavailable files and folders.
* IMPROVED NAVIGATION. Quickly switch between Gallery and Single Image view with dedicated toolbar buttons.
* SHORTCUT KEYS. Take advantage of new keyboard shortcuts for View, Looks Navigation, Masks, Tools, and Edit.
* NEW LANGUAGES SUPPORTED. Use Luminar 3 in more languages with new localizations:
* Chinese Simplified
* Chinese Traditional
* Korean
* Portuguese
* Russian
* Italian

Performance Improvements
Get additional speed and performance from the Luminar 3 update.
* FASTER ADDING. You’ll see much faster load times when adding new photos and folders to the Catalog.
* FASTER LAUNCHING. When you return to Luminar 3, launch times are improved when reloading your Catalog.
* STABILITY. Thanks to our users for reporting different issues. This version of Luminar offers general stability improvements.

New Cameras Added
The following new cameras are supported by this recent update:

* Nikon D3500
* Nikon P1000
* Nikon Z6
* Nikon Z7

* Panasonic Lumix DC-LX100 II

* Fujifilm GFX 50R
* Fujifilm X-T3

* Sony RX100VA
* Sony RX100VI
* Sony DSC-HX99
* Sony DSC-HX95

* Leica M10-D
* Leica M10-P
* Leica D-Lux 7

Luminar 3

Luminar 3 screenshots as supplied by Skylum. Click for bigger images.

Luminar 3 Top 10 Benefits (PDF File)

Luminar 3 Guide (PDF File)

Hope this is of interest to you.

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