ThinkTANK Emergency Rain Cover revisited.

Hi everyone,

I guess there’s no perfect solution when it comes to rain covers. I’ve had this rain cover for a while now. It’s the best solution that I’ve found in terms of size, manufacturing quality and portability. It comes with its own storage pouch with a loop and I’ve attached a carabinerย  so that it can hang from a d-ring on my camera bag if required. When the cover is wet it is nice to have a self-contained pouch to stuff it back in to and keep it separate from other gear.

IMG_0553 -1.jpg

Fitting is pretty straightforward, slip the camera in and attach to the camera’s hot shoe and then tighten the cinch strap around the lens hood. Even though I bought their small sized rain cover to suit my micro four thirds gear I find that the strap is still a bit big for most lens hoods but it does the job.ย Fitted here to my Olympus OM-D E-M5 mk2 with Lumix 12-60 mm lens.

IMG_0542 -1

There’s good room inside to get both hands in to operate the camera controls/tripod adjustments and the large transparent top/back panel affordsย a good view of the LCD screen etc..ย  There’s also a draw cord at the base of the cover.

IMG_0545 -1

All-in-all it has proved useful on a number of occasions, it weighs next to nothing andย is a worthwhile addition to my camera bag.

Kind regards




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