I find a use for all sort of things.

Hi everyone,

My other half knows me so well πŸ™‚ . She knows that, sooner or later, sometimes instantly, I’ll find a use for something. With this in mind she usually asks me before throwing anything away if I have a use for it. Recently I’ve been accumulating those plastic lids off of Pringles crisp tubes and larger ones off of another Christmas snack. I’ve got my lenses in shelving and I thought that I’d use them as added dust protection thus:. πŸ™‚

Here’s another one. Plastic tag “thing” of off some shop bought clothing used as cable strain relief for my headphones clamp bracket. I think that I broke my own record in finding a use for it within seconds of her producing it!. πŸ™‚

And, in a very small way, I like to think that I’m doing my bit for the environment.

Kind regards


“Midnight Rider”

Hi folks,

“Midnight Rider”. Green screen combined shot using E-M1 mk 1+M.Zuiko 30mm macro lens of an Elvis Presley knitted figure riding a wooden model motorbike. Helped me to pass a bit of time this morning as it’s raining and I’ve not got anywhere interesting to go.


Stay safe everyone, best wishes,


Dream Aquarium screensaver, brilliant!.

Hi everyone,

Dream Aquarium screensaver spanning multiple monitors, I can watch this for ages which is good because that’s all that I can do πŸ™‚. You can add different fish to your liking, change the tank layout and no fish food expenses required as it’s a built in function. For some reason the HD doesn’t kick in for a few seconds?.

Kind regards,


WordPress Guru’s help appreciated please.

Hi everyone,

I have a friend who is looking for a beginners guide to getting started with WordPress as he’s looking to create a website for his work. Can anyone please recommend a good beginner-level book for him?.

Thanks and kind regards


I got a new camera for Christmas :)

Hi foks,

Hope you’re all having a great Christmas.

Wohooooooooooooo I got a new camera for Christmas.! What do you get for Christmas for the man who loves photography and who is an avid eclectic collector of “quirky” things?, well, see attached picture. πŸ™‚ . Brilliant!

Have fun,


The night before Christmas (bored in Bognor)

T’was the night before Christmas
I’m sitting here bored
No pictures to work on
And I can’t go abroad

My shutters are all mute
Cos I’ve got nothing to shoot
The flashguns don’t flash
and I’ve spent all my cash

I’ve got nowhere to go
and I’m clean out of doe
Alas there’s nothing to see
On my camera’s LCD

So I’ll sup on my brew
Whilst I work out what to do
Let’s look forward to the future
when I can get some more pictures.

Have a good one,