Born in the USA : Gear update – a few of my latest favourite things.

Hi everyone,

Here’s a few of my latest photo gear additions from Op/Tech, Think Tank and Manfrotto.

1. OP/TECH USA 1511372 Pro Loop Strapย 


I’ve been using Op/Tech straps on my cameras for a few years now and found them very comfortable and durable. Iย  was attracted to this neoprene strap not only for its comfort but for its quick release system connector mechanism. This strap has great ergonomics and really helps to cushion and spread the weight. It has a dimpled inner surface not shown in the above photo which helps to avoid slippage.

2.ย OP/TECH 1301042 Secure Its x4 System Connectors


These velcro strips wrap around the quick release connector to add an extra layer of security and keep things tidy and free from snagging. You only need two but you get four in a packet. Nice to have spares and also for use with the wrist strap below.

3.ย OP/TECH 6701062 SLR Wrist Strap


Interchangeable with the Pro Loop strap as it uses the same connector system.

4.ย OP/TECH 8001112 3.5″ Small Hood Hatย 


Made out of neoprene it fits snugly over my M.Zuiko 12-40mm PRO lens with the lens hood attached and gives an extra degree of protection from knocks and the elements. It is also quick to fit and remove. For even more added protection in transit it can be still be used with a conventional lens cap fitted if desired.

ย 5. Think Tank Emergency Rain Cover (Small)

think tank emergency rain coverย 

I’ve been looking for ages to find a quality made affordable rain cover and this really fits the bill. It is lightweight and comes in a small pouch which takes up no room in my camera bag. It attaches around the front of the lens and also to the camera hot shoe and has a large transparent panel at the back so that one can see the viewfinder, LCD screen and camera controls etc.. It also has a draw-string fastener at the bottom and is also available in a larger size to fitย  longer lenses.

It has room to get both of one’s hands inside. It is a very cost effective alternative to their more elaborate HydroPhobia product as it isย  designed for those, who, like me,ย  want to carry a small and quick and easy to attach, well made, rain cover. I bought the Op/Tech wrist strap specifically to use with this cover. It’s also nice to see a manufacturer catering for mirrorless cameras!.

6. Manfrotto XUME adapters.


I’ve had these a while now and they make changing filters incredibly quick and easy. They comprise of two parts, a quick-release lens adapter which screws on the lens and a quick-release filter holder in to which you screw on the filter. The two parts attach with a strong magnet and quickly pull apart and snap on so no need for time-consuming screwing/unscrewing the filter and risking wear and cross-threading etc..

Interestingly all of the above products are made in the U.S.A. I’ve found other products from the U.S.A like my multi-port Anker USB chargers and power banks to be reliable and really well designed and manufactured. I have absolutely no affiliation with any of the companies mentioned in this post.

Kind regards

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