The best compact camera I’ve ever owned.

Hi everyone,

Most of my cameras over the years have been made by Olympus but I’ve also owned both Canon film and digital cameras before eventually returning to the Olympus fold a few years back. One camera that I’ve used time and again though is my Canon Powershot G-10. This camera is a gem, really nice solid brick of a metal body that feels like one is holding a camera with good ergonomics , all the usual modes and controls such as ISO, exposure compensation, built in flash, 14.7 megapixels, RAW, self timer, good battery life and more. Most of the shots of equipment that have appeared on my blog have been taken with this camera. It’s a great backup camera and I’ll be packing it for my next trip. Seen here fitted to my small Manfrotto Pixie tripod.


A few shots taken with this camera –






Kind regards

Edit: for those interested I found this review video from a guy who’d owned one for ten year,ย  I’ve owned my one for longer than this. :

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