Refreshingly good customer service

Hi everyone,

In a day and age when I’ve come to nearly always expect, and generally get,ย  poor customer service from most of the companies that I deal with there are a few shining examples of excellent customer service that I’d like to highlight.

First off there’s Olympus Cameras who very kindly replaced a camera with the latest model free of charge when they could fix a fault. Then there’s Anthropics Technology that were extremely helpful in supplying me with a new software build to try out when I had problems with one of their software products. Most lately, OP/TECH who have kindly offered to send me some replacement Uni-loop connectors as I had a manufacturing tolerance problem with one of them.

I’m extremely happy to continue doing business with these companies and any others that offer the same high quality products and after-sales service.

Thanks guys,

Kind regards,

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