I’m loosing my grip :)

Hi folks,

Actually this post should be titled I’ve lost my grips, past tense, plural. Some while ago as a matter of personal preference I removed the grips from my cameras and replaced them with smaller third-party grips. The exception being my E–M1 which I don’t use as a travel camera.

The Olympus grips for my E-M5 Mk 1 and Mk 2 cameras have their good and bad points for me. The grips come in two parts, landscape grip and attached to that a separate portrait grip which is a good point. As I’m mostly interested in landscapes then the vast majority of my shots are taken in the landscape orientation, sure I will as a matter of course shoot in the portrait orientation when called for but having the portrait grip attached is just adding weight and bulk to beautifully small, lightweight camera bodies.

So, I removed the portrait grips and here’s the bad point, without the portrait grip attached with its in-built battery compartment then the landscape grip blocks the camera’s battery compartment and thus has to be detached and re-attached every time one needs to change a battery else I’d just leave it attached. I’ve found some third-party grips from Fotodiox in the States which negate this issue by having a cutout in the base plate so that the grip can be left attached and the battery can be changed. Else I can just see myself dropping the grip or stripping the tripod thread etc. and I don’t want to be constantly juggling the camera and the grip every time I change a battery.

When I looked at the new Olympus E-M1X with it’s non detachable grips this was sufficient reason in itself for it not to be of interest to me and my preferences and interests, add in it’s extra weight and of course it’s way too expensive for me. I’m hoping that Olympus take a few of it’s new features and incorporate them in to a new smaller body at a reasonable price tag and then I’d be more than interested.

Kind regards

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