Let’s help this brave little guy (updated)


I came across this brave little lad on About.me https://about.me/ricojay and I was moved by his story and thought maybe I could help in some way. Please see the video below. I have decided that I will donate 50% of any profit on the sale of my works on Pixels.com http://leigh-kemp.pixels.com/ to the fund http://www.dreamordonate.nl/2289-rico-jay-for-america

This wayΒ  you get something nice to hang on your wall, scatter on you sofa, wrap around your i-phone or yourself on a cold night (duvet covers) πŸ™‚ or use to carry your shopping around in etc. and he gets one step closer to his dream.

Please watch the video and visit his website and consider donatiing either directly to his fund or through purchasing one of my work he needs all the help that he can get.

Thank You.



The Rico-Jay fund is now official, please see https://www.gofundme.com/ricojay in English. I just put my money where my mouth is and donated to his http://www.dreamordonate.nl/2289-rico-jay-for-america fund. Please make a donation and help this child. I have been conversing on Twitter with his mum and have some great news, he is in hospital in Holland to receive treatment and can now eat normal food, something that you and I take for granted. Imagine how amazing this must be after 7 1/2 years of not being able to do so!. You can follow him @RicoJayFund on Twitter https://twitter.com/RicoJayFund

Thank you.

According to my WordPress stats report thingy this posting was the most read in 2015. Thank you all and please let’s keep it this way in 2016 and tell your friends about his story and his fund-raising site.At the time of writing (30/12/2015) his fund has raised 22% of the €40, 000 target that he needs to travel to America and receive the specialist medical treatment that he needs. Every donation gets him one step closer to his dream.On his and his parents’ behalf thank you all for your continued kindness and generosity.

Rico-Jay photo for blog

Photograph (C) Rico-Jay de Boer


New work: “Erm!?” (Abstract)

Brought to you straight from my imagination πŸ™‚

Best wishes



New work: “A rose by any other name”

Hi folks,

I thought I’d do a colourful, painterly, textured work of some roses.

35479708995_cc68e96b04_z (1)

Hope everyone is keeping happy and well,

Best wishes

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New blog page for “quotes from the dark”

Hi everyone,

Just to let you know that I’ve created a new blog page (link in the menu) for my collaborative work with Vyonne White of Quotes from the dark.

Kind regards


Quotes from the dark # 4


‘Nature’s Canvas’

Rushing blues, glimmering gold
casting a spell on me
I’m in a living dreamscape
walking the path of angels in reality
The sky, she sings
the water painting in the shades of jewels
and I am but a witness
as Nature casts her magic with these tools
And in this moment, when color collapses my fears
I can feel the air filling my chest
with the perfume of Life melted in the air
I sit before Nature’s canvas, at her best


Best wishes

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“Forever immaculate”

Hi everyone,

A statue in a church garden.

Kind regards

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35065084740_53ecf1c1a8_z (1)

Quotes from the dark # 3

Hi everyone, my latest collaboration with Poet Yvonne WhiteΒ this time with my recent work titled “Out of the Blue“. My previous collaborations here and here.

Best wishes

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34539836974_7dd93ef2c6_z (1)

‘A Romance That Never Should Have Been’

She was built for starlight
all glitter, glow, and fire
She had the heart of a lion
and passion that would never tire
With a mind as sharp as any blade
and a tongue to match
She could tangle a man’s soul with a smile
their hearts, in her delicate hands, she’d catch

Always saying she’d never be tamed
always promising she’d go her own way
yet Life is a funny and fickle thing
because it listens to the things we say
It was a moment out of the blue
the thing that caged her heart
and like a tamed beast, she gave in
never thinking she could fall apart

But like any promise that’s ever made
all the things he said where just lies
and while her heart was caged within his gaze
her very soul started to die
The night he left was like any other
to the world around her, all was the same
but in her cage, her heart stopped it’s beat
and her soul’s raging fire became but a flame

She is built for shadows now
all ghost, shadow, and ghoul
there is nothing left of the queen she was
she’s no longer royalty, but the joker, the fool
Her heart is still encased, to this day
in the very cage he entrapped it in
but its still, its quiet, it never truly beats
her out of the blue romance was an end …
… that never should have been

– TerriLynn Le Blanc Β©2017

Image/photo – ‘Out of the Blue’ by Leigh KempΒ Β©2017

New work: “Enchanted”

Hi everyone a path into the undergrowth.


All the best,

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New work: “Out of the blue”

Hi folks,

Another of my arty flights of fancy. πŸ™‚

34539836974_7dd93ef2c6_z (1)

Best wishes

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It’s a funny old game :)


I’ve just had my seventh work “explored”Β on Flickr. As many of you know I don’t very often produce absolutely “straight” photographic work which, on the whole, I think that Flickr explore seems to prefer so I’m always surprised and delighted when one of my works appear there. By way of a little celebration I thought I’d post them here in chronological order. The first work entitled “Last of the Summer Wine” is a pretty conventional work but still a surprise when it appeared in Explore.


And then came this work “Between the Ponds” which came as a real surprise as it’s an out and out, full on painterly work and generally-speaking more reflective of my style and interest.


The next two works “The colours of spring” and “Under Pressure!” again in a painterly style and, in the later case, Β the first of my “Klimtesque” style works to be explored.



This work, “Good Light” is a bit of both, certainly not an out and out straight work and not overtly painterly either., a sort of halfway house if you like and marks a bit of a change in my style.


My most recent explores ” Come all ye faithful” and “Dreamscape” have really pleased me as I think that they reflect the direction which my work has taken recently.

34683310491_436b626742_z (2).jpg

34911948860_328a0f5d96_z (1).jpg

Another place that I sometimes post my work to is to the Olympus Gallery. Understandably Β perhaps they nearly always favour straight photography as they’re a manufacturer of photographic equipment but it would be nice if they occasionally recognised that not everyone that uses their equipment produces conventional photographic works.

Kind regards

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Hi everyone, a dreamy painterly work today.


All the best

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