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I designed this page to provide quick access to my artwork merchandise, books and exhibitions. The page contains information on all of my range of merchandise, books and my main online exhibition complete with preview videos.

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ThinkTANK Emergency Rain Cover revisited.

Hi everyone,

I guess there’s no perfect solution when it comes to rain covers. I’ve had this rain cover for a while now. It’s the best solution that I’ve found in terms of size, manufacturing quality and portability. It comes with its own storage pouch with a loop and I’ve attached a carabiner  so that it can hang from a d-ring on my camera bag if required. When the cover is wet it is nice to have a self-contained pouch to stuff it back in to and keep it separate from other gear.

IMG_0553 -1.jpg

Fitting is pretty straightforward, slip the camera in and attach to the camera’s hot shoe and then tighten the cinch strap around the lens hood. Even though I bought their small sized rain cover to suit my micro four thirds gear I find that the strap is still a bit big for most lens hoods but it does the job. Fitted here to my Olympus OM-D E-M5 mk2 with Lumix 12-60 mm lens.

IMG_0542 -1

There’s good room inside to get both hands in to operate the camera controls/tripod adjustments and the large transparent top/back panel affords a good view of the LCD screen etc..  There’s also a draw cord at the base of the cover.

IMG_0545 -1

All-in-all it has proved useful on a number of occasions, it weighs next to nothing and is a worthwhile addition to my camera bag.

Kind regards




2019, another prolific year

Hi everyone,

So much has happened this year, personal and family health issues and a lot of other things thrown in for good measure. It has hardly seemed like a week has gone by without some new worry popping out of nowhere but I’ve still somehow managed another prolific year in pictures.

A selection of my 2019 works:


Kind regards


Albert Docks – Liverpool

Hi everyone,

A painterly work from my recent return visit to Liverpool.



Best wishes,