The video – Latest update 14/7/2020

I feel like I hit the road running this year. A short video selection of my 2020 works to date. The year started really well and then we all had the COVID-19 lockdown and it brought things to an abrupt halt but I’ve now updated the video with some of my latest post-lockdown works.

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Commercial Image Licensing.

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All-in-one links page.

I designed this page to provide quick access to my artwork merchandise, books and exhibitions. The page contains information on all of my range of merchandise, books and my main online exhibition complete with preview videos.

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“Little Amy on the beach”

Hi folks,

After spending the last five days recovering after hurting my back at the weekend , a new work of Bognor Regis beach.

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“From the Pier”


“From the Pier” now that they’ve re-opened it for access. Shot from Bognor Regis Pier looking towards Pagham.

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Apologies if you are having problems commenting on my posts.


A friend has kindly told me that WP Reader is blocked for comments and/or likes. I certainly haven’t blocked them?! and I don’t know how to resolve this. If anyone knows please let me know.

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