The video – Latest update 14/7/2020

I feel like I hit the road running this year. A short video selection of my 2020 works to date. The year started really well and then we all had the COVID-19 lockdown and it brought things to an abrupt halt but I’ve now updated the video with some of my latest post-lockdown works.

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I designed this page to provide quick access to my artwork merchandise, books and exhibitions. The page contains information on all of my range of merchandise, books and my main online exhibition complete with preview videos.

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New Horizons 18 “In-between the sky and the shore”

Hi everyone, another new seascape work today.

Takes care and best wishes to all,


New Horizons 15 “Strangers on the shore”

Hi everyone, I hope this finds you well. A new work of the beach at Felpham.

Stay strong, stay safe,

Best wishes,


The “Man Cave” :)

Hi folks,

I’ve more-or-less finished decking out my new “man cave” at our new home. On the top right is a new display dedicated to my late maternal grandfather who was an Air Mechanic/Wireless Operator flying B.E.2 aircraft with the Royal Flying Corps. I’ve also added some new adjustable coloured LED “mood” lighting and, of course, it incorporates all of my various interests, my photography, amateur radio, computing, music etc. etc.. I think that in any relationship, especially perhaps as we enter a second period of lockdown in the U.K, it’s important to have lots of interests and one’s own space and this is mine. :).

I also thought it would be nice to have one of my landscape pictures hanging on a wall in our dining room so we chose one we both liked of Pontikonisi in Corfu and I had it printed and framed. I’m extremely happy with the quality of printing and framing and it’s nice to see what one gets when anyone orders one of my works.

Kind regards,


New Horizons 12 – “Chichester Cathedral”

Hi folks, not long been back from a visit to Chichester. The Cathedral viewed from the Bishop’s Garden.

All the best,


New Horizons 11 “H.M.S Warrior” (The arty mix)

Hi folks, another work from my trip to Portsmouth yesterday.

Best wishes,