The video – Latest update 14/7/2020

I feel like I hit the road running this year. A short video selection of my 2020 works to date. The year started really well and then we all had the COVID-19 lockdown and it brought things to an abrupt halt but I’ve now updated the video with some of my latest post-lockdown works.

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I designed this page to provide quick access to my artwork merchandise, books and exhibitions. The page contains information on all of my range of merchandise, books and my main online exhibition complete with preview videos.

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“Low tide and low clouds”

Hi folks,

“Low tide and low clouds”. Bognor Regis West Beach looking towards Pagham. Took my old E-M5 I and the much underrated M.Zuiko 12-50mm for a walk this morning.

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“Looking down”

Hi folks,

I’ve often said that one shouldn’t forget to always look up as there are so many interesting things above eye-level such as building facades etc. but it’s also good to look down at what’s under one’s feet such as this interesting brightly patterned pavement art. 🙂

Olympus E-M1 mk 1 and M.Zuiko 12-40mm PRO lens.

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JJC 3 inch LCD Shade.

Hi everyone,

As I’ve now fitted my VF-4 electronic viewfinder to my PEN E-P5 I thought I’d have a look around and see if I could find an LCD shade for my PEN E-PL5. I bought a JJC shade that seems to fit and work pretty well. The shade incorporates a screen protector and the shade part clips on and detaches if not required. They come in silver or black, I chose the silver one to match the camera. I don’t like LCDs and don’t want to have to keep moving the VF-4 from camera to camera so this look like a fairly good compromise. I’m nor sure how it will stand up to the rigours of time but it’s quite well made and cheap. 🙂

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PS. It also helps if you increase the LCD display brightness in the control menu just like you would on a mobile phone. Of course this will drain the battery faster but at least you are in with a better chance of seeing what you are shooting in bright light. 🙂

From pretty to gritty.

Hi everyone,

I’m enjoying my photography a lot at the moment. Since our move to the south coast I’ve been going in many directions both literally and metaphorically. My work has always been varied in subject matter and technique, although I consider my main interest to be in landscapes I’m really liking experimenting in other genres and different gear. I know that having a “signature look” is probably more commercially appealing but I just can’t stick to one type of thing all the time, it’s simply too boring. Maybe this lays one open to the sobriquet “Jack of all trades master of none” but that’s absolutely fine with me. As comedienne Catherine Tate said “see this face!, does it look bothered?” .:)

The garden after the rain, Chichester.
The other side of the bandstand, Bognor Regis seafront.

All the best,


Label it!

Hi folks,

A while back I bought one of those Dymo labellers to label some household items and it has come in really handy for labelling various photographic gear items and I’m sure that I’ll keep on finding new uses for it. 🙂

Lens caps.
USB battery chargers.
Camera batteries.
Quick release plates.
Doors on my TG-5 camera.
Olympus flash guns as I have 2 different models.
Godox flash gun and X1-T flash trigger radio channel.
3 filter pouch.
2 filter pouch side 1
2 filter pouch side 2.

Kind regards,