“When in Rome”

Hi everyone,

Just returned from a trip to Rome with lots of new imagery. Β Here’s a few to get things started. I’ll publish more as I finish them, the usual eclectic mix of painterly works, colour, monochrome etc.. I decided just to take two lenses with my for my OM-D E-M1, my trusty M.Zuiko Pro 12-40 2.8 and a new lens, an M.Zuiko 14-150mm for the extra reach when needed and they performed superbly.

Colloseo –


“That’sa my bike”


“Piazza di Spagna”


More work on the way :), best wishes,

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Another Pretty HDR

Hi everyone,

Another HDR shot from my visit to Carshalton Ponds. I like the symmetry in this one. Now if I only had the means and opportunity to visit other beautiful locations what I could.


hope everyone is happy and well,

Best wishes

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Rethinking my approach to HDR


I started thinking about how many shots and at what +/-EV settings I’ve been using. I have been taking a total of 5 shots at +/-2 EV. I’ve found that the -4 and +4 EV shots often don’t contribute much if anything to the final result and so changed over to just a total of 3 shots at +/- 2 EV. I think that I’ll stick with this for the time being and see what the results are like. This has a number of advantages for me.

  • saves 2/5ths more space on the HD card per “scene”.
  • Increases battery life accordingly.
  • Long-term it decreases equipment wear and tear.
  • Reduces long-term backup file storage space requirements.
  • Reduces subject movement (ghosting) between shots, important for me as I mostly shoot hand-held.
  • Reduces risk of camera movement (ghosting) between shots for the same reasons as above.
  • Means that the most underexposed shot can be taken at a higher shutter speed reducing possible camera-shake, again good when hand-holding.

I’ll post more when I’ve continued experimenting.


Hand-held 3 shot HDR I took the other day.

For comparison purposes, A single image from my visit to Strawberry Hill House and then the three HDR image (perspective corrected and slightly cropped) . The vignetting caused by a filter used with my 12mm lens.

Strawberry Hill House 1 Frame

Strawberry Hill House 3 Frame HDR.jpg

For anyone interested I’ve uploaded a full-sized image to my Flickr page which really shows the amazing resolving powers of the M.Zuiko 12-40mm lens. Shot taken at f5.6. https://www.flickr.com/photos/leighkemp/34968765335/in/dateposted-public/lightbox/

Best wishes


Interesting Architecture HDR

Hi again,

Fancied doing another straight(ish) HDR this time of this fascinating building.


All the best

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“Neo-impressionist Gothic” :)

Hi everyone,

Beautiful building built in the style of a Gothic castle at Strawberry Hill.


Best wishes

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In to the light


Beautiful church interior.

Best wishes to all,

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Carshalton Ponds HDR Landscape

Just a straightforward, no thrills HDR landscape shot of Carshalton Ponds.


Best wishes

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“Oh come all ye faithful”

Hi everyone,

A beautiful church that I stumbled upon yesterday.


Best wishes

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“Carshalton Ponds” Landscape

Hi everyone, took a trip over to Carshalton Ponds earlier today on a nice sunny morning. Very pretty location, here’s my first work from my visit.


Kind regards to all

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“Dapdune Wharf #1”

Hi everyone,

A painterly work of Dapdune Wharf on the river Wey at Guildford

33732125064_0ddfd82ffa_z (1)

Kind regards

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