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Hi everyone,

Topaz Labs have a new product, Topaz DeNoise AI โ€“


A while ago I received a beta copy and I have been a part of their beta testing and itโ€™s a super addition to their product range.

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Topaz Labs release Gigapixel AI version 4.

Topaz Labs have released Gigapixel AI 4.0, a major upgrade to their machine-learning enlargement product.

Existing customers can update for free by launching the product. For new users, they’re offering $20 offย until 1/4/2019. Here’s some results with the new algorithm:


Topaz Labs 15% discount couponย code

Hi everyone,

I have setup a permanent 15% discount coupon code which can be used on all Topaz Labs products. The code is leightopaz.ย If you are wishing to use the code please us my Topaz Labs affiliate linkย and apply the code at the checkout.

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A few videos –