Let’s get things perfectly straight (converging verticals)

Hi everyone,

I’m not a big fan of converging verticals. One of the first things that I habitually do with my architectural works is correct for these, my favourite tool of choice being DXO Viewpoint. In my opinion, this program is pretty much a must-have for anyone interested in photographing architectural views. I also use their PhotoLab and previously Optics Pro software for some basic corrections but Viewpoint is a great product for more advanced correction and integrates with both Optics Pro and PhotoLab.

A small tip, when framing the scene do not frame the subject too tightly, leave a fair amount of “wiggle” room around edges ๐Ÿ™‚ as it’ll be needed when applying correction. Else you will end up with parts of the building cut off. This is the exception to my general habit of composing a scene 100% in the viewfinder and not cropping during processing. As an exception to the above I’ll not be using this process if I ever get to photograph the leaning tower of Pizza. ๐Ÿ™‚

42829975512_09f79f0f22_z.jpg42213817772_06251f2aed_z.jpg27426442967_f28273a899_z.jpg28443824408_1b98efa3ba_z.jpg27565403007_deffa152f6_z.jpg41573239095_3cc1c65a8d_z.jpg42624086831_e7d7774fea_z (1).jpg28833545168_31c22e74ef_z.jpg43057165250_d1c4751d2b_z (3)45643050142_6ef945ccc0_z (3)45152473944_8601cd0821_z (1)45968261902_c6df2f3b53_z (1)31120485327_7949b9fb68_z (2)31262528807_6e58de6aa0_z (2)46304215981_7a0afec7d1_z (2)28726395217_6648147c64_z (6).jpg40409493230_3094718593_z.jpg41719113982_eb95d20a54_z.jpg23975368178_c8b47d2508_z.jpg37348812431_23b3ded7d6_z.jpg35689478580_20ae8acbee_z.jpg35899310916_542a1a9db3_z.jpg35245976184_387c2470e9_z.jpg36132207046_dd172a2142_z.jpg35690889970_fb90570fb3_z.jpg35914903510_fd8b45571f_z.jpg35763538262_b79571d392_z.jpg27314917957_b4454155b2_z (1).jpg42280768552_1f3357fbcd_z.jpg27355744177_4cb6077a75_z (3).jpg41624868344_0490c32335_z.jpg28508450348_341ba91b47_z (1).jpg

Best wishes,

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2 thoughts on “Let’s get things perfectly straight (converging verticals)

    • Hi, thank you for your very kind comments which are most sincerely appreciated. It’s a tough game but I keep plugging away because I love it. I’m at my happiest when I’m working on a new work and experimenting with new ideas and techniques it give me a huge “buzz” . Have a great day , best wishes, Leigh


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