Looking back on my travels

Hi everyone,

A few of my personal favourites from my recent travels, all very different locations. I’ve linked them to their Flickr albums.


Pontikonisi, Corfu


Little Town, Prague


Piazza del Popolo, Rome


Grande Place, Brussels.


Grand Harbour, Valletta, Malta.

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It’s a funny ol’ game! :)

Hi everyone,

Funny old game!. I uploaded this work of a tram yesterday. It’s a work that I finished a few days back and thought I wouldn’t upload as I wasn’t completely happy with it but decided to do so after all. It got Explored on Flick and my photo views on Flick are currently standing at nearly 17,000 views for the day. I’m glad I uploaded it now  So I decided to stick it on my website, who knows someone who loves trams might fall in love with it and buy it.


Best wishes,

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New work: “The No. 13 to Černokostelecká”

Hi everyone,

A painterly work of a tram in Prague.

42157351154_617bf44a52_z (1).jpg

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Video – “A year in pictures” – Summer 2017-2018

Hi everyone,

A selection of my works taken in the last year including works from my visits to Rome, Brussels, Prague and various locations in the UK. You can view my work on my website : http://www.leighkemp.co.uk

Music by Positively Dark courtesy of  http://music.geisheker.com

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A colourful year so far.

Hi everyone, I thought I’d post a bit of a roundup of some of my works for the year so far. I started late this year as the weather wasn’t that good and nor were my spirits as I was more than a bit frustrated that I hadn’t had the opportunity to get out and do very much but since then I’ve been making up for lost time. So far it’s been a very colourful year, here’s a collection of some of my works.

Teddington Lock on the River Thames.


42624086831_e7d7774fea_z (3)

River Thames at Twickenham.


River Thames at Kingston Upon Thames.


28016026728_ca93ddc538_z (9)


28508450348_341ba91b47_z (3)






Richmond Park and Bushy Park.


41562534111_4e522b1e48_z (12)




27825145678_21ea11c482_z (2)


41981673601_bb44ff7ff8_z (1)

Kind regards to all,

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New work: “Rozloučenou Prahou / Goodbye Prague”

Hi everyone,

A final painterly river view work from my recent visit to Prague.

40776211010_04607a6f48_z (2).jpg

Best wishes.

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New work: “Shapes in the rain”

Hi everyone,

A painterly panoramic work of the Old Town Square Prague


Best wishes,

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New work: “Shooting round the corner” – Prague

Hi everyone,

Painterly “Little Town” Prague street scene. Panoramic work from five images taken vertically.



Best wishes

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Cheers, a clean sweep!

Hi everyone,

What a lovely way to end the month, a clean sweep!, top 12 images and 14 in top 16 in the Olympus UK users most popular gallery listing 🙂 🙂 Brilliant publicity! 🍷

oly gallery clean sweep top 12 31 05 2018.jpg


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New work: “Cathedral of St Ludmila – Prague”

Hi everyone,

A painterly work of the Cathedral of St Ludmila, Prague. This is the far side of the cathedral , the side facing way from Peace Square.


Best wishes

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