Retrospective- “RetroSpektives” :)

Hi everyone,

For fun I thought I’d re-post one of my very first blog posts from 2014, a lot’s happened since then, what happened to my youth?. πŸ™‚

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A small selection of my 2014 work most of which were taken in or close to my home town of Kingston upon Thames with the occasional foray out to other parts of the UK.Β  I hope you enjoy viewing them, I’ve had quite a prolific year :). I have also linked to larger size versions of the works on my Flickr page. EachΒ  RetroSpektiv is linked to my corresponding Flickr Album.

14561600648_f6466f8e8a_z RetroSpektiv I – “Pictures on A Wall”

“Horses for Courses”,

“Skateboard Park”,

“A Quite Morning at the Shopping Centre”,

“Time Stands Still – Redux”,

“Poet For Hire”,

Just visible “The Sun God Has Risen”,

14564367599_e8005a6302_zRetroSpektiv II – “Abstractions”


“Skateboard Park 2”,

“Noddy Rides Again”,

“Skateboard Park”,

“Sea, Sun, Sand and Souvenirs”,

“Attention Seeker”,


14568914238_18e3f57009_z RetroSpektiv III – “Black and Whites”

“Of Gods and Men”,

“Shopfront (Rectangular”,

“Ham House – Below Stairs”,

“Contrasting Architecture”,

“Where The Daisies Quietly Grow”,

“Silent Sorrow in Empty Seats”,

“Street Entertainer”.

Retrospektiv IV - Panels RetroSpecktiv IV – “Panels”

“Bubble Panels”,

“Three Boats Down From The Candy”,Β

“Up, Down, Round and Around”,

“Branching Out”,

“Around, Round, Up and Down”,

“Spaces In Between”,

Retrospektiv V - Minimalist RetroSpektiv V – “Minimalist”

“Less is More”,


“The essence of time”,

“Lamp Detail”,

“Soft and Vibrant”,

“Suspension in blue”,

Retrospektiv VI - Muted Colours RetroSpektiv VI – “Muted Colours”

“Focussing and Stabilisation Malfunction!”,

“Muted Guitars”,

“Autumnal wall leaves – Pastel, Abstract”,

“Makin’ Music”,

“Eye Tech”,

Retrospektive VII - Non Rectangular

RetroSpektiv VII – “Spherical and Pentagonal”

“Sphere of Opulence”,

‘Round, ‘Round, Get Around, I Get Around“,

“Dandelion Spheres”,

“Shopfront (Pentagonal)”,

“Bird’s Eye View”,

New work: “In my element”

Hi everyone,

I’m rarely happier than when wandering around a beautiful landscape with a camera, I guess you could say that I’m “in my element”.



Best wishes,

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Blog update

Hi everyone,

I’ve been giving my blog an early Spring clean up. I’ve added a “Selected Themed Collections” section to my site menu with links to the collections on my website. I’ve edited my “Flickr ExploredΒ Page” and made a few other graphical updates.

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“Once more to the bridge dear friends!”

Hi everyone,

A new full-blown painterly work of one of my favourite locations, Richmond Bridge on the River Thames.



Best wishes,

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Important, if you’re on Facebook please read.

Hi everyone,

As someone who posts my work to my Facebook pages this is of particular interest. Posted on Facebook yesterday by a friend:


“I agree with this even if it is not lawΒ Just in case – A solicitor has advised me to post this, which is good enough for me. The violation of privacy can be punished by law. NOTE: Facebook is now a public entity. All members must post a note like this. If you do not publish a statement at least once, it will be tacitly understood that you are allowing the use of your photos, as well as the information contained inΒ your profile status updates to be used. I HEREBY STATE THAT I DO NOT GIVE MY PERMISSION for Facebook to use any of my information or posts.
Copy and re-post.
Deadline tomorrow!!! Everything you’ve ever posted becomes public from tomorrow. Even messages that have been deleted or the photos not allowed. It costs nothing for a simple copy and paste, better safe than sorry. The News talked about the change in Facebook’s privacy policy. I do not give permission.”

End quote.

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PS. I have gone one step further and disabled my Facebook account so I’ll not be posting there again, I’ll not miss it!.

Another day, another Wey :)

Hi everyone,

39702124793_dc615d6455_z (2).jpg

Best wishes,

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The Wey that I see things

Hi everyone,

Although I’ve long since ceased to consider my work to be in any way of commercial interest as it simply does not attract sales despite my very best efforts, however I’m pleased with my recent works as I think that they accurately reflect (no pun intended πŸ™‚ ) my interests and chosen style. A style that I love and which continues to interests me greatly, it’s the way that I see things.

river wey collection

Kind regards

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Another stop along the Wey

Hi everyone,

Yes, you’ve guessed it, another work of the River Wey. This one is VERY painterly πŸ™‚ .The symmetry of the water reflection in this shot appealed to me.

39663164173_51cb2e9c06_z (1).jpg


Kind regards

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“Reflections on the Wey”

Hi everyone,

Another work from my visit to the River Wey yesterday morning.



Best wishes,

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“Perchance to dream”

Hi everyone,

One last work of the River Wey, this one is soft and dreamy.



All the best,

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