Monochrome HDR Landscape

Hi everyone,

I sometimes really enjoy working in black and white. I don’t know why, maybe it was because when I was a kid TV and newspapers etc. were all in monochrome, one seemed to accepted black and white imagery a lot more naturally than today. One never really saw it as strange, living in a colourful world and at the same time coming home to watch something on the TV in black and white whereas I guess nowadays it’s seen as odd . Occasionally I like to strip away the colour and just look at the composition without and distractions. I find it quite relaxing and therapeutic if that doesn’t sound too strange.


Best wishes

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New work: “Low Tide”

The River Thames at Twickenham.


The River Thames at Twickenham at low tide. Funny how I so often arrive at the river and the tide’s out. :). A flock of geese had just swooped in low over the river and landed. I didn’t intend for this work to be black and white but I didn’t like it as a colour work.ย  I actually like the river when the tide is out as it gives some foreground interest and I like the textures in the mud.

New work: “Solitude”


Given the right subject I love to do a selective colour work from time to time. I spotted this woman sitting on her own on the bench seat with no one around in any direction and thought that it might be an interesting shot. I also like the bright red of her jacket which really stands out.

I could have moved closer and/or changed to a telephoto lens but I wanted to keep my distance and use a wide angle to show the remoteness and emptiness of the surroundings. I’ve taken quite a few shots of people from the back this year as not only does it not disturb their privacy and nobody can identify the person, I also think that it can be more natural.