New work: Street scene, Valletta, Malta

I loved the different balconies, doorways, paintwork and brickwork in this backstreet in Valletta. I actually find the backstreets more interesting that the main streets and big monumental building etc.

Street scene Valletta Malta for blog

New works: “1 over the 8” and “Yellow”

Thought I’d so something more surreal today. A quiet enclave in a restaurant in M’dina, Malta.

1 over the 8 for blog

A pretty straight work : “Yellow”, Mellieha, Malta

Yellow for blog

Advertising on Facebook

Hi everyone,

I thought I’d try a short Facebook advertising campaign to see if I can get more visitors to view my website. It’ll be interesting to see what results this might bring.

photoart website

Best wishes

leigh sig 2

New work: “Parish Church, Mellieha, Malta”

Parish Church of Mellieha which is dedicated to the Birth of Our Lady and was built between 1881 and 1898


Church Mellieha for blog

New work: “Coach and Horse”, M’dina, Malta

Hi everyone,

Another of my works from my recent visit to Malta, This time a more painterly, textured work of a tourist coach and horse in M’dina.

Horse and coach for Blog


New work: “Valletta” (from Silema)

Another new Maltese landscape work a view of Valletta across the bay from Silema.

Valletta from Silema for Blog


New work: “The Lock of Love” – St. Julians, Malta

“Love Locks” on an a bollard and bridge in St. Julians, Malta.

I’m reminded of the Hollies song: ย “I can’t tell the bottom from the top”

“And I can’t tell the bottom from the top

Am I standing on my head or on my heels?

Is it cloudy is it bright?

Is it day or is it night?

Am I wrong or am I right?

And is it real?”


The Lock of Love for blog