Advertising on Facebook

Hi everyone,

I thought I’d try a short Facebook advertising campaign to see if I can get more visitors to view my website. It’ll be interesting to see what results this might bring.

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Best wishes

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New work: “Down town – up river”


I finally managed to get out and take some new shots. A new work, view from Kingston bridge looking in the direction of Hampton Court.


Best wishes,

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New work: Another Year, Another Boat


Maybe the rich and famous would like me to photograph their boats :). Actually they don’t have to be famous, rich will do nicely :).

Edit: After reading a posting on Facebook it got me thinking about the difficulty that I have writing about my work. Something that I’ve come across on another site that I frequent that likes the poster to write five lines of text to accompany a posting.

I find it very difficult to describe my work in more than general terms such as painterly, textured and general descriptive terms such as location etc.. I find it impossible to write in to a work something that simply isn’t there. My works aren’t inspired or influenced by anything in particular, they aren’t social metaphors or symbolic of anything, they are what they are!. ย This is a boat going down the river, nothing more and certainly nothing less! :).


New work:”Lonely Vigil”


Very painterly work, a seagull on the river.

PS. I’m not sure about this one but, then again, the last work that I wasn’t sure about has currently gotten seven and a half thousand views on Flickr so what do I know about it! :).

New work: “Low Tide”

The River Thames at Twickenham.


The River Thames at Twickenham at low tide. Funny how I so often arrive at the river and the tide’s out. :). A flock of geese had just swooped in low over the river and landed. I didn’t intend for this work to be black and white but I didn’t like it as a colour work.ย  I actually like the river when the tide is out as it gives some foreground interest and I like the textures in the mud.

New work: “Pretty on the River”

22503901239_3a280c6b0c_zPainterly, textured work of the River Thames at Kingston upon Thames in Autumn