New work: “The Gardens”


York House Gardens, Twickenham. I don’t think that Mr. McCullin would like this one overly much :).

New work: “Low Tide”

The River Thames at Twickenham.


The River Thames at Twickenham at low tide. Funny how I so often arrive at the river and the tide’s out. :). A flock of geese had just swooped in low over the river and landed. I didn’t intend for this work to be black and white but I didn’t like it as a colour work.ย  I actually like the river when the tide is out as it gives some foreground interest and I like the textures in the mud.

New work “Twickenham”


Hope everyone is good.


I’ve not really done many “painterly” street scenes, thought it might be interesting to do one.