New work: “Hanging out with the guys”

Street scene taken on the island of Gozo. Something delightfully Mediterranean about this scene.


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New work: Street scene, Valletta, Malta

I loved the different balconies, doorways, paintwork and brickwork in this backstreet in Valletta. I actually find the backstreets more interesting that the main streets and big monumental building etc.

Street scene Valletta Malta for blog

New work “Twickenham”


Hope everyone is good.


I’ve not really done many “painterly” street scenes, thought it might be interesting to do one.

Two Digital Remasters

I took two of my older HDR works and re-mastered them, I was trying to get a more fluid look and also perhaps a sense of depth, a kind of pseudo-3D look to them. I’m always in two minds about producing newer versions of older work, part of me says “what’s done is done” whilst another part of me says “you live as you learn”, or maybe “learn as you live” ๐Ÿ™‚ and I’m always experimenting with new techniques so I’m always learning, I think that’s how one evolves.

16032414543_c8af4a07bd_zParis Street Scene – digital remaster


Colossus – digital remaster