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Hi everyone,

I thought I’d try a short Facebook advertising campaign to see if I can get more visitors to view my website. It’ll be interesting to see what results this might bring.

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New work: “The Lock of Love” – St. Julians, Malta

“Love Locks” on an a bollard and bridge in St. Julians, Malta.

I’m reminded of the Hollies song: ย “I can’t tell the bottom from the top”

“And I can’t tell the bottom from the top

Am I standing on my head or on my heels?

Is it cloudy is it bright?

Is it day or is it night?

Am I wrong or am I right?

And is it real?”


The Lock of Love for blog

Some more black and whites – Spaces and Geometry.

Some of my more recent black and white architectural works exploring space and geometry indoors and outdoors.I prefer to keep the words to a minimum and hopefully let the photos speak for themselves.

“Fisheye Fun”, “Prepare to enter the Bubble Zone!”, “Walkways”, “Curves”, “Up, Down, Round and Around”, “Around, Round, Up and Down” and “Spaces in Between”.








Ham House

Earlier this year I visited Ham House here are a few of my photographs and works of the house, it’s a great location.


“Sphere of Opulence – Abstract”


“The Tea Set”



13900789844_81ab0c81f9_z“Grand Staircase”


“Still Life”


“Table and Two chairs”


“Below Stairs”

I’ve been Scanned!

ZUPFHQYJ_avatar_medium_square NEW2


A warm welcome to my blog and to my Flickr friends who scanned me :). I love Flickr, it is a great site to post my work and admire the work of many very talented, creative and imaginative photographers and artists but I also wanted somewhere where I could talk about photography and occasionally express a few of the thoughts and feelings behind my work. Nothing too heavy, nothing deeply philosophical, just somewhere where I could collect my eclectic thoughts and ramblings :), oh, and here’s a new abstract work titled “Through The Keyhole and Beyond” taken with my Samyang fisheye lens. I thought this might make an interesting subject the way that the pond and surrounding hedges remained round whilst the foreground pathway splayed out to form a sort of flattened keyhole shape.


Best wishes…Leigh

Me Scan-Scan-Page-Color

PS. How do I get out of this maze? ๐Ÿ™‚

A few new photos

A few of my latest abstract works, a view from the bridge at Teddington Lock and a twisted metal “thing” on a gatepost along with two staircase black and white abstract works. As always I have linked them into larger lightbox images on my Flickr page as you cannot really see the detail in the river shot in the small image.


“View From The Bridge – Canvas Abstract”






“A Well Trodden Path”

I just love this building

Ever since I became aware of the existence of the De La Warr Pavillion in Bexhill on Sea I couldn’t wait to photograph it. With this in mind I arranged a day trip to the seaside in the company of our 3 year old granddaughter. I anticipated using my M.Zuiko 12mm wide angle lens but ended up taking this shot with my M.Zuiko 25mm lens. If I’d have owned my Samyang 7.5mm lens at the time I’d almost certainly have found a creative use for it at this location.

According to Flickr’s “black magic” formula for determining these things this photo has been my most “interesting” photo for some weeks now. I think it makes an interesting subject for an HDR shot and processing.


More shots of this amazing building…..