Old lenses never die!

They just gather a lot of dust!.

Recently I found some of my old, and I mean old, Canon EF fit lenses from years ago and I’ve decided to take a punt on a cheap ยฃ20 K&F Concept mount adapter so that I can have some fun with them on my OM-D camera bodies. Sure they’ll all be manual focusing, no problem as all my old film camera lenses were and I didn’t have the luxury of modern-day focus peaking in those days and they’ll be fixed aperture but it’ll be a bit of fun trying them out. With the sensor crop factor of 2x it’ll be interesting as the 80-200 mm becomes quite a compact and lightweight (by EF lens standards) 160-400 mm f/5.6. One of the Sigmas becomes a rather interesting 36-400mm f/6.3!.I guess you’ve spotted the novelty lens coffee mug that I was bought as a Christmas pressie posing as the real thing. ๐Ÿ™‚

So I’ll have a 36-400 mm, a 160-400 mm, a 56-180 mm and a heavy 34-70 mm to try out. I’m not expecting miracles but it’s got be better than watching them gather even more dust.

old EF lenses

A few old shots taken with the 35-70 mm in Paris as part of a commission many years ago now. Taken on a Canon EOS APS-C (x1.6 crop) sensor body.




2 thoughts on “Old lenses never die!

    • Hi Ted, yes, how did we ever do it? ๐Ÿ™‚ . We’re spoilt nowadays aren’t we. It’ll be fun trying them out. I know that one can get smart adapters that supposedly handle the auto focus and aperture but they cost a lot of money and so I think this’ll be a fun way of dipping my toe in the water. I’m also enjoying the film type look of the Olympus body cap lens so it’ll be interesting to see how these old lenses shape up. At least with the crop factor it uses the sharpest center part of the frame. All the best, Leigh

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