What has contributed the most to my photography?.

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Is it a certain model of camera?, no, is it a lens?, no again, is it a camera accessory?, nope, is it perhaps a piece of software?, yes and one of my first and cheapest buys. It’s NIK Viveza, part of the NIK collection now owned by DXO Labs. You hear a lot about the big software photo editor packages but no so much about this one.

This immensely powerful software allows, through the use of multiple control points, selective image adjustments to, amongst other things, brightness, contrast, structure, warmth, saturation and shadow.ย  You can also duplicate and group control points and it lets you see a mask of the selected control point.

I use it in just about every work that I do. If I only had one piece of software then this would be the oneย  and I always recommend it to others as a brilliant processing tool which, with applying even the most rudimentary adjustments, is guaranteed to bring out the best in just about any image.


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“Into the light”


A toned monochrome work of the bridge over the River Thames at Richmond Upon Thames shot “into the light”.





“Bridge work” and “Swoop” (The Birds 2)

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Two new works.

Bridge over the River Thames at Richmond upon Thames.



Birds swooping down on the River Thames at Richmond Upon Thames.



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