New work: Another Year, Another Boat


Maybe the rich and famous would like me to photograph their boats :). Actually they don’t have to be famous, rich will do nicely :).

Edit: After reading a posting on Facebook it got me thinking about the difficulty that I have writing about my work. Something that I’ve come across on another site that I frequent that likes the poster to write five lines of text to accompany a posting.

I find it very difficult to describe my work in more than general terms such as painterly, textured and general descriptive terms such as location etc.. I find it impossible to write in to a work something that simply isn’t there. My works aren’t inspired or influenced by anything in particular, they aren’t social metaphors or symbolic of anything, they are what they are!. Β This is a boat going down the river, nothing more and certainly nothing less! :).


I’ve had a very prolific day :)

My third new work of the day, “New Southern Belle“, riverboat on the River Thames at Kingston Upon Thames. Even by my standards, I’ve had a very prolific day. πŸ™‚


Another nautical-themed abstract work and THAT Seagull

Another nautical-themed abstract creation. Somehow it doesn’t seem to matter where I go that seagull keeps following me around and sneaking in to my shots :). Been raining heavily since early morning and thought I’d concentrate on processing work today..


Sometimes that bird gets in on the act very obviously like this.shot “Birds’s Eye view”


or like this shot “SurrEAlgull”


whilst other times like this shot “Less is More” he sneaks in less obviously πŸ™‚


and even more subtly perched on the breakwater in this shot “Stranger on The Shore”


.I could be in the middle of the Sahara Desert and take only one shot and THAT bird would find me!! πŸ™‚

PS. I hope you like the new blog theme.