And then there were two!.

Hi everyone,

Well, I’ve paid for 50 works on the exhibition site and displayed 37 in my main exhibition. It seems a waste not to display the remaining works so I’ve now got a smaller sister exhibition with them in imaginatively named “Additional works by Leigh Kemp” 🙂

paintography additional works

Exhibition Catalogue

Like getting your money’s worth?,  you bet! 🙂

Kind regards

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Marketing genius urgently required! :)

Hi everyone,

After my abject failure to attract investment in my Santa Claus business on the grounds that it’s seasonal, the overheads are through the roof and the profit non-existent. I’m now looking for a marketing genius to help me market my artwork.  The easy part first, said marketing guru must be able to sell ice cubes to Inuits and, now for the difficult part, be up for a real challenge, promoting my artwork 🙂 . Oh, and be delighted to work for a very minimal share of any profits as I don’t have any money 🙂

Apply here,

Always look on the bright side of life,

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Web links – static post

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Website Animation


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                Online Exhibition                            Books

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         “Visualisations Gallery”                    Twitter          

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Commercial Image Licensing.

image licensing page

All-in-one links page.

I designed this page to provide quick access to my artwork merchandise, books and exhibitions. The page contains information on all of my range of merchandise, books and my main online exhibition complete with preview videos.

all in one webpage


I’ll go my own way

Hi everyone,

I just got reminded why I’m not a member of any groups and societies. Against my better judgement I joined two this year and left two this year, you’d have thought I should have known better, it won’t happen again!. I really do not enjoy groups, clubs, societies etc., they can go their way in peace and I’ll go mine. 🙂

Kind regards


My personal favourite work of 2018

Hi everyone,

As the new year nudges ever closer I started thinking about which of my many works from 2018 was my personal favourite. I’ve had another prolific year and completed a heck of a lot of new works but one stood out from the others.

Sometimes a work comes together almost exactly as one envisaged it when taking the shot and this is one such work. I’ve had more successful and popular works but I have a soft spot for this work. It comes out of my “tree” period and was my first and only work to get to no.1 in the Olympus European Users Gallery.

I’ve been lucky enough to travel many miles overseas this year and visit some beautiful locations but, as things would have it, this work of a tree was taken less than a couple of miles from my home. 🙂


Reaching Out

You can also find it gathering dust on page 23 of my new book and in (another) quiet corner of my latest online exhibition. 🙂

reaching out book pagereaching out gallery shot

Kind Regard,

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And now for the video :)

Hi all,

I did a video promo tour featuring some of the works in my new online exhibition.

Kind regards

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My new virtual Gallery – “Paintography”

Hi everyone,

My new gallery, featuring 37 of my recent works,

Exhibition catalogue pdf

gallery image

Visit the gallery



Best wishes,

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