Old lenses never die!

They just gather a lot of dust!.

Recently I found some of my old, and I mean old, Canon EF fit lenses from years ago and I’ve decided to take a punt on a cheap ยฃ20 K&F Concept mount adapter so that I can have some fun with them on my OM-D camera bodies. Sure they’ll all be manual focusing, no problem as all my old film camera lenses were and I didn’t have the luxury of modern-day focus peaking in those days and they’ll be fixed aperture but it’ll be a bit of fun trying them out. With the sensor crop factor of 2x it’ll be interesting as the 80-200 mm becomes quite a compact and lightweight (by EF lens standards) 160-400 mm f/5.6. One of the Sigmas becomes a rather interesting 36-400mm f/6.3!.I guess you’ve spotted the novelty lens coffee mug that I was bought as a Christmas pressie posing as the real thing. ๐Ÿ™‚

So I’ll have a 36-400 mm, a 160-400 mm, a 56-180 mm and a heavy 34-70 mm to try out. I’m not expecting miracles but it’s got be better than watching them gather even more dust.

old EF lenses

A few old shots taken with the 35-70 mm in Paris as part of a commission many years ago now. Taken on a Canon EOS APS-C (x1.6 crop) sensor body.




“The way I see it”

Hi everyone,

Another river work from my recent trip to the River Thames at Sunbury on Thames.



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“Early morning in the market place”


Market Places Kingston Upon Thames, fisheye shot. Shot on Valentine’s Day, thus the heart.



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Hi everyone,

Where the River Ember meets the River Thames or to put it another way, as far as one can go on the footpath without going for a swim. ๐Ÿ™‚



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