Macro shooting indoors during lockdown is helping me to stay sane.

Hi folks,

Thank heavens that I’ve been able to get into macro photography as it means that I can try experimenting with this whilst confined to home. I’m itching to get out and about and pursue my main interest in landscape photography again but it’s proven to be quite absorbing.

My small macro setup, light tent, OM-D E-M5 II, M.Zuiko 30 mm macro lens, Godox TT350O flash and X-1 radio flash trigger and LED ring light. This has proven to be a very flexible lighting arrangement.ย  The ring light can be operated either stand alone in manual flash mode or as a continuous light source and/or used in conjunction with the X-1 and TT350O. I also have four mains powered LED lights that came with the light tentย  The TG-5 is there to take the closeup picture below of the EM-5 II. I’ve also been experimenting further with the TG-5’s amazing microscope mode which allows focus as close as 1cmย  and both cameras have focus stacking and/or focus bracketing.

picture in picture finished smallcamera closeup finished small

I’m using Olympus’ Capture tethering software and their Workspace software with the camera connected by USB. I found some interesting PC and Android software called Spacedesk which has enabled me to add my 10 inch Android tablet as a fourth monitor connected by USB which is much faster and more reliable than WIFI, the software also has a touch screen mode. This allows me to display the two Olympus programs across the four monitors. The Capture software on the two larger displays and the Worskpace software on the two smaller displays.

Top left: live view display and Capture tether controls, top right: Capture output full screen, bottom left: Workspace main window and bottom right closeup of a captured file. By moving the Android tablet near to the camera and displaying the Live view window output from Olympus Capture software on it I can extend the battery life on the EM-5 by turning off the LCD screenย  and also have a larger live view display which, along with focus peaking makes fine focus adjustments even easier. As soon as the camera has finished writing to the PC the Workspace software will display the files and one can examine them in more detail as I’m doing here on the bottom right display.

Olympus Capture and Olympus Workspaces 4 monitors finished small

Some colourful batteries and green background that I chose for this post.

batteries finished small

The same after using Green Screen Wizard software to change the background to one of my choosing.

batteries green screen finished small

An interesting learning curve and something that I can see myself doing more of in the future.

Stay safe, stay at home my friends and kind regards,


PS. I discovered another nice thing about the Spacedesk software, one can connect more than one Android device by USB or WIFI so it’s possible to extend one’s Windows desktop to even more displays. ๐Ÿ™‚ I did so by adding my smaller 7 inch tablet as a 5th display.

Latest macro shots

Hi folks,

I’m still managing to keep myself entertained experimenting with macro.




seksy small

Kind regards


Cat ornament macros.

Hi folks,

Although not being able to go out and landscapes remaining my favourite subjetc this macro stuff is quite fun. Here’s a couple more.

cat on black 1

cats on black 2

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