New work: “Cafe break”


Trying out a new technique on this work. I popped in to a cafe for a quick coffee on my photographic travels and this is the result, apart from enjoying a nice cup of coffee that is!. Not a very remarkable picture I give you but I quite like the effect and you’ll can probably expect to see it again in the future :). Actually I badly needed that coffee to revive me on a pretty cold day.

New work “Twickenham”


Hope everyone is good.


I’ve not really done many “painterly” street scenes, thought it might be interesting to do one.

New work: “Deep in thought”

Here’s a rarity, a straigh(ish) colour work from me :). I passed this guy, we exchanged smiles and nods and I took this shot. A moment in time, I don’t know him ,he doesn’t know me, just a moment in time.


A quick question


I seem to have somehow switched editors to one with large print and where I don’t seem to be able to hyperlink my photos. does anyone know how to get back to the editor that I was previoosly using to write posts please.



Okay the font size thing seems to have sorted itself out but I still can’t figure how to hyperlink an image grrrrrrrrrrrr πŸ™‚


New work: “The Weir, Teddington”

After negotiating a very steep and slippery river bank in a high wind and still plagued by my positional vertigo I got as near to the Weir as is humanly possible short of falling in but I’m quite pleased that I did :).


Five works entered in the Olympus Global Photography Competition 2015


I entered five of my works in the Art category of the Olympus Global Photographic competition.

Please click on an image to view and please click on the share link on the page to share.

Your support sincerely appreciated.

Thank you very much

Best wishes