No wheels on my wagon!

If the cavalry are going to arrive then now would be a VERY appropriate time to make an appearance because, metaphorically-speaking, I now have no wheels on my wagon and the Cherokees are shooting arrows in my hat from all directions!. 😦

New work: “The black swan”


New work: “The Lake”

22008263164_4cd09682e8_zAnother of my works of Claremont Gardens.

There’s a bad moon on the rise – Happy Haloween


New work: “Stairway to the sky”

22522760976_d1a0f8f259_zI set myself a challenge to try and create something from the most boring of shots and this is what I came up with from tjhis:


New fun work: “Showdown”

22358024289_7bf96da23d_zThis sofa isn’t big enough for the both of us!

New work: “That’s quite close enough”

22509193462_a47afac310_zJust loved the expression on the kid’s face

Happy memories

Alfie and MeI was looking back through some old photos and found this one. Alfie was such a very special cat, we had a bond the strength of which is impossible to describe. He used to love to fall asleep on my shoulder.

New blog page added “Gear and Stuff”


Good morning/afternoon/evening and if your just about to go to bed, have a good night:)

I’ve added a new page to my blog titled “Gear and Stuff”. I’ve also included a few pictures taken with some of my lenses. For someone who likes to jest that he “doesn’t do people shots” you’ll notice that there are quite a few people in these shots :).

Best wishes


New work: “Focussed”