“Frankie” – SLR Magic Toy lens


A close friend very kindly gave me an SLR Magic 26mm 1:1.4 “Toy” lens as a present (thanks Dave), a great fun lens.First shot with this lens on myΒ  Olympus Pen E-PL5. For anyone unfamiliar with this lens it isn’t meant to be sharp, it is meant to be fun and it is a lot of fun with beautiful crazy bokeh. I can see myself getting a lot of pleasure out of using this lens.

Our cat Frankie is a very impatient subject and doesn’t have a lot of interest in posing for photographs, if he can’t eat it, snuggle up on it for a nice long snooze or curl up on a lap for a good bit of TLC then he doesn’t have much time for it. πŸ™‚

Yesterday’s Newspapers

When I was younger there was a saying “yesterday’s newspaper is today’s fish and chip wrapper” or words to that effect. Of course that was when fish and chips used to be sold wrapped in newspaper and the ink was black and not today’s toxic colour inks. I’m reminded of the saying when thinking about blog posts, tweets etc, what’s the shelf life like on a blog post let alone a tweet?. Blog, Tweet and Flickr sounds like it should be the name of a firm of solicitors doesn’t it! :).

Oh, I nearly forgot, a new photo “Black Cat on a Wall” :).