Utterly Astounded!!


I am completely and utterly astounded!. My latest work “Between the ponds” which I posted on this blog and on Flickr yesterday evening has, thanks to being “explored” on Flickr, gotten nearly 4,000 views and in excess of 100 faves!.

I’m really delighted that they chose one of my “painterly” works. This was also my 999th work posted on Flickr in the last two and a half years that I’ve been posting to Flickr. I thought twice about posting this work as I thought that the colours were a bit too dark! ๐Ÿ™‚

Best wishes




New work: “Between the ponds” and “1000 Not Out!” photo collage.

A painterly view of Pen Ponds Richmond Park.


and to celebrate my 1000th upload to Flickr a 1000 photo collage entitled “1000 Not Out!”

1000 not out for upload

Edit: I just noticed this morning that the Pen Ponds work was explored on Flickr. This is my second work this year to be “explored” and I’m really pleased that it is a “painterly” work. I was sort of under the impression that Flickr editors didn’t feature many painterly works especially as my previously explored work was a pretty “straight” photographic work.

New work: “Solitude”


Given the right subject I love to do a selective colour work from time to time. I spotted this woman sitting on her own on the bench seat with no one around in any direction and thought that it might be an interesting shot. I also like the bright red of her jacket which really stands out.

I could have moved closer and/or changed to a telephoto lens but I wanted to keep my distance and use a wide angle to show the remoteness and emptiness of the surroundings. I’ve taken quite a few shots of people from the back this year as not only does it not disturb their privacy and nobody can identify the person, I also think that it can be more natural.

New work: “Memories”

Another of my childhood memories.I used to go to this pond and fish with a net for sticklebacks and sail my toy boat when I was a kid.ย  As you can see it’s not a particularly impressive pond, really just a smallish hole in the ground with some water in it but I used to love to go there.

Yesterday’s visit was a sort of catharsis and I choose the word carefuly, something that I’ve been wanting to do for years. I think that I was a bit afraid of lifting the lid on a Pandora’s box full of emotions, afraid that I was searching for the impossible but, for the briefest of moments, time stood still and I was back there sitting on the bank fishing and sailing my toy boat, life was simple and it was magical.


New work: “The park in Autumn”


Near Pen Ponds, Richmond Park. Painterly textured work.

When I was a kid we often visited the park and the ponds so it was bit of a trip down memory lane returning after many years. I returned home with two soaking wet feet as my shoes let in the water and quite muddy but it was magical to go back to a place that I remember so well from my childhood.


“Kemp, you’ll never produce anything artistic!”.


I remember very clearly when I was twelve an art teacher at school saying this to me. They say that one never forgets a good teacher well that is very true but I say that one never forgets a bad one either. What he meant was that I couldn’t draw or paint, I just couldn’t translate what I was seeing into something on paper and as for anything abstract well that word simply wasn’t in his dictionary.

One must also consider that computers and digital photography didn’t exist then so it was a case of those that could draw/paint and those that couldn’t, those who had some artistic talent and those that didn’t, black and white with no grey . If I’ve learned one thing in life it is that there’s only one true black and one true white but a huge range of shades of grey (no pun) and that’s what I’ve always tried to convey to those of a younger generation that things are very rarely as black and white as they might at first seem.

I first became interested in photography aย  few years later as it gave me an outlet for my artisitic leanings. I greatly admire the work of many photographers as I do the work of many painters and other art forms but analogue photography frequently left me wanting more and that’s where digital photography and digital processing comes in. Put simply it was a revellation!. For the first time in my life I could express myself artistically and experiment to my heart’s content. My camera and computer screen might be my brush and canvas but it’s the workings of my brain that is responsible for the end result.

So, I’d like to him for his comment because ever since then it’s been a lifelong ambition to prove him wrong. ๐Ÿ™‚

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The Immortal Artist


Thanks to Grey Cross Studios I now have a showcase artist page with some examples of my work at “Immortal Artist”, http://blog.immortalartist.com/2015/11/leighkemp.html

Check out my page and this great art blog.

A big thanks to Grey, really appreciate all your help.

Best wishes



New work: “Bouquet”

They don’t get much more “painterly” than this one :). A floral bouquet I got for out anniversary earlier in the year.