New work: “Memories”

Another of my childhood memories.I used to go to this pond and fish with a net for sticklebacks and sail my toy boat when I was a kid.ย  As you can see it’s not a particularly impressive pond, really just a smallish hole in the ground with some water in it but I used to love to go there.

Yesterday’s visit was a sort of catharsis and I choose the word carefuly, something that I’ve been wanting to do for years. I think that I was a bit afraid of lifting the lid on a Pandora’s box full of emotions, afraid that I was searching for the impossible but, for the briefest of moments, time stood still and I was back there sitting on the bank fishing and sailing my toy boat, life was simple and it was magical.


Two new works : “Fruity” and “The Tree by the pond”


I finally found the time to get out and take some more photos this morning. Two new works, “Fruity” and “The Treeย  by the pond”