Let’s get things perfectly straight (converging verticals)

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I’m not a big fan of converging verticals. One of the first things that I habitually do with my architectural works is correct for these, my favourite tool of choice being DXO Viewpoint. In my opinion, this program is pretty much a must-have for anyone interested in photographing architectural views. I also use their PhotoLab and previously Optics Pro software for some basic corrections but Viewpoint is a great product for more advanced correction and integrates with both Optics Pro and PhotoLab.

A small tip, when framing the scene do not frame the subject too tightly, leave a fair amount of “wiggle” room around edges 🙂 as it’ll be needed when applying correction. Else you will end up with parts of the building cut off. This is the exception to my general habit of composing a scene 100% in the viewfinder and not cropping during processing. As an exception to the above I’ll not be using this process if I ever get to photograph the leaning tower of Pizza. 🙂

42829975512_09f79f0f22_z.jpg42213817772_06251f2aed_z.jpg27426442967_f28273a899_z.jpg28443824408_1b98efa3ba_z.jpg27565403007_deffa152f6_z.jpg41573239095_3cc1c65a8d_z.jpg42624086831_e7d7774fea_z (1).jpg28833545168_31c22e74ef_z.jpg43057165250_d1c4751d2b_z (3)45643050142_6ef945ccc0_z (3)45152473944_8601cd0821_z (1)45968261902_c6df2f3b53_z (1)31120485327_7949b9fb68_z (2)31262528807_6e58de6aa0_z (2)46304215981_7a0afec7d1_z (2)28726395217_6648147c64_z (6).jpg40409493230_3094718593_z.jpg41719113982_eb95d20a54_z.jpg23975368178_c8b47d2508_z.jpg37348812431_23b3ded7d6_z.jpg35689478580_20ae8acbee_z.jpg35899310916_542a1a9db3_z.jpg35245976184_387c2470e9_z.jpg36132207046_dd172a2142_z.jpg35690889970_fb90570fb3_z.jpg35914903510_fd8b45571f_z.jpg35763538262_b79571d392_z.jpg27314917957_b4454155b2_z (1).jpg42280768552_1f3357fbcd_z.jpg27355744177_4cb6077a75_z (3).jpg41624868344_0490c32335_z.jpg28508450348_341ba91b47_z (1).jpg

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Photobooks Christmas delivery deadlines.

my books for blog

Hi everyone,

Here’s a link to information on the Christmas delivery deadlines – http://www.blurb.co.uk/gifts

They ship to over 70 countries and territories.

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Another year of trying.

Hi everyone,

As you will have noticed 🙂 I’ve been trying very hard to publicise my artwork this year with my usual lack of much success 🙂

I did two new virtual galleries –

‘Praha – Prague’ – Paintography


prague virtual gallery


‘Paintography’ Impressions 2018


new gallery

a new book (my third) entitled “2018 Collection” featuring works from my travels  –


book 3 blog

and I’ve worked hard on my websites and social media pages –


website restored


websites tweet 1


website flickr

I’ve had my best year on Fickr to date with nine of my works making it into Flickr Explore, see my Flickr Explored Page for these and my previously explored works. My total photo views are approaching two million views since I started the page five years ago.

Some new YouTube videos –

Various postings on my Twitter page – https://twitter.com/leighkemp123 and Fine Art America/Pixels account – https://pixels.com/profiles/leigh-kemp/shop

The highlights of my year being my visits to Prague, such a beautiful, fascinating city and the lovely picturesque island of Corfu. The low point being wasting my money joining and then subsequently cancelling my membership of  the Royal Photographic Society as my style of work doesn’t fit in there and their attitudes are set in the photographic stone-age. I don’t know what to try in the coming year but you’ll be the first to know. 🙂  .Thanks to everyone that has encouraged and supported my work throughout another year.


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Seen it, done it, got the T-shirt :)

Hi everyone,

A selection of T.shirts from my travels :

“The tree in the courtyard” – Malta

the-tree-in-the-corner-of-the-courtyard-leigh-kemp t-shirt.jpg

“Side Street” – Romewhen-in-rome-35-side-street-leigh-kemp t-shirt.jpg


“Market in the rain” – Prague

2nd-work-of-the-market-in-the-rain-prague-leigh-kemp t.shirt.jpg

“In-spired” – Street Scene, Brusselsin-spired-street-scene-brussels-leigh-kemp t-shirt.jpg

“Mirage” – Corfucorfu-18-mirage-leigh-kemp t-shirts.jpg

and one from my travels in the the U.K

“Halfway down the hill”

halfway-down-the-hill-leigh-kemp (3) t.shirt.jpg

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FLASH SALE – 30% off my photo books today

Hi everyone, 30% discount on my Photo Books today. Offer valid through December 4th, 2018 (11:59 p.m local time)

My bookstore profile page : http://www.blurb.co.uk/user/LeighKemp?profile_preview=true

book discountbook 1 blog.jpg

  • Category  Arts & Photography Books
  • Size Standard Landscape, 10×8 in, 25×20 cm
    22 Pages
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book 2 blog

  • Category  Arts & Photography Books
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book 3 blog

  • Category  Fine Art Photography
  • Size Standard Landscape, 10×8 in, 25×20 cm
    28 Pages
  • ISBN
    • Softcover: 9781388085643


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New book : “2018 Collection”

Hi everyone,

I have a new book out, coincidentally just in time for Christmas 


  • Size Standard Landscape, 10×8 in, 25×20 cm
    28 Pages
  • ISBN
    • Softcover: 9781388085643

collection 1

collection prefacecollection 2collection 3collection 4collection extracollection newpagecollection 6collection 7collection 8collection 9collection 10collection 11collection 12collection 13collection page listcollection 14



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Flickr Explored Works

Hi everyone,

To celebrate having my latest Flickr Explore I thought I’d post all my Explored on Flickr works in chronological order. I think that it’s a pretty accurate cross-section of my work and representative of my work as a whole. Explore really does promote one’s work to a  huge potential audience. I’ve linked the works to them on Flickr and I have an album of these works on Flickr:  https://www.flickr.com/photos/leighkemp/albums/72157657757247056


Last of the Summer Wine


Between the ponds


The Colours of Spring

Two from Poole, Dorset


Under Pressure!


“Good Light”


Come all ye faithful



Two from Rome:


When in Rome #3 “Piazza di Spagna”


When in Rome #27 “Piazza del Popolo”


Beyond the trees

Two of my “tree” works:

27825145678_21ea11c482_z (1).jpg

Don’t fence me in!

28075504658_7fa33aff4a_z (1).jpg

“Just about holding on” 

Two from Prague:

41506651165_f328da751e_z (2).jpg

Going downhill and round the bend! 


The No. 13 to Černokostelecká 

Three from Corfu:

42576097504_d57a59a542_z (1).jpg

Corfu 3 – “Surreal Rocks!”

43477923662_643714392d_z (4).jpg

Corfu 29 “If it lights your candle”


Corfu 39 – “Boats” Paxos

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Looking back on my travels

Hi everyone,

A few of my personal favourites from my recent travels, all very different locations. I’ve linked them to their Flickr albums.


Pontikonisi, Corfu


Little Town, Prague


Piazza del Popolo, Rome


Grande Place, Brussels.


Grand Harbour, Valletta, Malta.

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It’s a funny ol’ game! :)

Hi everyone,

Funny old game!. I uploaded this work of a tram yesterday. It’s a work that I finished a few days back and thought I wouldn’t upload as I wasn’t completely happy with it but decided to do so after all. It got Explored on Flick and my photo views on Flick are currently standing at nearly 17,000 views for the day. I’m glad I uploaded it now  So I decided to stick it on my website, who knows someone who loves trams might fall in love with it and buy it.


Best wishes,

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