Merchandise sampler video

Hi everyone,

A small video of some of my photo art merchandise of my latest work, “Un Fantasme Sombre”.

sweet dreams

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Less is more

Hi everyone,

I’ve spent countless hours working on websites and graphics to try and promote my artwork with little to show for it so here’s something extremely simple and miminalistic.

minimal page.jpg

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Seen it, done it, got the T-shirt :)

Hi everyone,

A selection of T.shirts from my travels :

“The tree in the courtyard” – Malta

the-tree-in-the-corner-of-the-courtyard-leigh-kemp t-shirt.jpg

“Side Street” – Romewhen-in-rome-35-side-street-leigh-kemp t-shirt.jpg


“Market in the rain” – Prague

2nd-work-of-the-market-in-the-rain-prague-leigh-kemp t.shirt.jpg

“In-spired” – Street Scene, Brusselsin-spired-street-scene-brussels-leigh-kemp t-shirt.jpg

“Mirage” – Corfucorfu-18-mirage-leigh-kemp t-shirts.jpg

and one from my travels in the the U.K

“Halfway down the hill”

halfway-down-the-hill-leigh-kemp (3) t.shirt.jpg

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Seeing things from all sides

Hi everyone,

I’ve gone 3D! , well some of my merchandise has :). Now you can see thatย  my coffee mugs and bags have a very useful bottom to them and my spiral notebooks do indeed have a back to them etc. and my cushions have a lot of “cush” ๐Ÿ™‚ .

Spiral Notebooks

Parrot Spiral Notebook featuring the photograph The Parrot Sketch by Leigh Kemp

Coffee Mugs

Tote Bags


Autumn Tote Bag featuring the photograph Just Trees by Leigh Kemp

Throw Pillows

Branches Throw Pillow featuring the photograph Branches by Leigh Kemp

Best wishes,

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Grab a bargain! – 50% OFF all my apparel today.

Hi everyone,

Grab a bargain today, 50% off of all my apparel today, Women’s, Men’s and Kid’s –ย  T.Shirts, Sweatshirts and more.


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And More.

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