Skylum software US$10 off coupon code and St. Valentine’s Day flash sale news. UPDATED 13/2/2019

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Hi everyone,

I have setup a permanent US$10 off coupon code – LEIGH10SKYLUM which you can use if you are interested in purchasing their software. Remember that they have 30 day trials of their products available on their website and a 60 day money back guarantee. If your are interested in their products please use my affiliate links on the right or as below:

Aurora HDR 2019

Luminar 3

valentines day banner 2

I have been informed that they are having a Luminar 3 (Valentine’s deal). It will start on Feb 13th and will last until Feb 18th and it will cost US$49 instead of US$69 and Luminar 3 + Aurora HDR Bundle for US$119 instead of US$168

Please note that the above coupon code cannot be used during the sale but can be used at other times.

Luminar 3 screenshots as supplied by Skylum. Click for bigger images.

Luminar 3 Top 10 Benefits (PDF File)

Luminar 3 Guide (PDF File)

Hope this is of interest to you.

Kind regards

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