A bag inside a bag

Hi everyone,

My National Geographic backpack is great for packing everything in whilst travelling. It has a large compartment at the back which can take a 17 inch laptop which got me thinking so I started to look around for a small bag solution that would fold flat and go in the compartment so that I could decant my gear into a smaller, lighter carry around solution for every day use and I found this the Tenba Packlite Travel bag and BYOB padded insert, perfect for my needs, available in four sizes. Also useful as an everyday lightweight bag. Given my advancing years anything with the word weight involved gets my attention. ๐Ÿ™‚ .

When going on a longer more distant trip where I don’t want to carry all my gear around every day then this will do the job. I have a couple of cheap lightweight inserts so I already know how much lighter they are compared to normal camera bags. With my camera gear being chosen in part for its light weight then it somewhat defeats the object carrying it in a heavy bag.

Kind regards

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