Quick lens changer = game changer

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One thing that I’ve always found to be a real pain is fiddling around changing lenses, fiddling with lens back caps, juggling lenses and having to be constantly in and out of my camera bag etc., especially as I’m now using a backpack.Β  With this in mind I thought I’d have a look around to see what was out there. I stumbled across the Movo Rapid Lens Changer. There are other makes out there, I chose this one because it was a fair price and got favourable reviews. This looked like it might be an interesting proposition.

The first thing that I did was dump the strap supplied with it and fitted Op/Tech Uni loop connectors to tie in with my other straps. Their strap just didn’t look like something that I’d trust with any of my lenses let alone my heaviest and best lenses, I might be right, IΒ  might be wrong, but either way I’m not prepared to take the chance.

I also wanted to avoid having the lens bouncing around on the move so I took one of my neoprene lens pouches and threaded the belt loop through the quick release sternum strap on my backpack. This provides a degree of shock and weather protection for the lens, it stops it bouncing about, prevents/negates the effects of accidentally depressing the lens release catch and it also gives a backup should any strap or fitting fail. As you’ll see in the picture below, the neoprene lens pouch needs to be a bit deeper to accommodate my longest lens with the lens hood fitted but that’s not a problem as these cases are very cheap.

One simply removes the lens from the camera, fits it to one end of the lens changer, flips the changer around, remove whatever lens is fitted to the changer and mount it to the camera and vice-versa. It’s also possible to have two lenses eg. small primes such as my M.Zuiko 12 mm, 17 mm, 25 mm or 45 mm or zooms attached one to either end of the changer and thus have two additional lenses to hand. I haven’t had the need for this as of yet but, if I do and with a longer lens pouch, this seems completely feasible.

lens changer 1n

Out of the pouch.


As usual, I mention that I have no affiliation with anyΒ  manufacturer or product mentioned in this posting.

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