Working on my macro photography.

Hi everyone,

Lately I’ve been giving a lot of thought to my small macro setup and using the opportunity of being indoors to rethink things a bit.

My macro setup comprising of Olympus EM-5 I camera, M.Zuiko 30mm f/3.5 macro lens, Godox X1-T radio flash trigger, LED ring flash/light (mounted off lens), JJC FC-03 off camera flash cable and Rollei cable release/intervalometer.

Closeup of the FC-03 attached to the camera’s hot shoe which supports TTL mode. I’ve also fitted an LCD shade and here I’m using the 10x magnification factor of the camera so that I can accurately manual focus. I’m powering the camera via the attached grip and a dedicated mains power adapter.

The business end of the 30mm lens with the ring flash attached. I’ve fitted a lens hood and circular polarising filter and then the ring flash. The polarising filter is only of use when the ring flash/light is removed and mounted separately or I’m using another lighting arrangement as it has no effect because the light direction is perpendicular to the lens. I’m going to experiment with using some linear polarising sheet which I can position in front of the light and I can use it in addition to polarise the light source.

Closeup of the Godox X1-T flash trigger mounted on top the FC-03 flash cable with the ring flash controller mounted on top of the X1-T. The X1-T, triggered by the camera, fires my Godox TT-350 flash and acts as a manual pass-through to the ring flash controller. The ring flash unit has two modes flash and light with a of 7 levels of brightness adjustment as well as one or two banks of LEDs. Using this I can either choose to use the ring flash in LED mode or flash mode and also trigger the TT-350 flash.

Goddox TT-350 flash. I’ve mounted this on a small tripod with one of my Manfrotto-style quick release plates. This allows me the option of removing it and attaching it to one of my full-size tripods which I’ve also fitted with the same quick release system and position it as I choose.

I’ve also mounted my GVM RGB LED light to another of my small tripods and attached a boom arm which gives me an additional lighting option to throw into the mix if I wish. The light has an app for the mobile phone which allows one to change the colour and brightness.

The complete setup

A quick test shot lit from above with the ring flash in LED mode, custom white balance set with a grey card. I found some sticky-back wood effect material in the pound shop ๐Ÿ™‚ which I’ve stuck to some card to give me a nice wood-effect background. This is actually a two shot manual focus stack assembled in Affinity as I wanted to capture the background as well.

All the best,