“Men at work”


Building site Bognor Regis. I wouldn’t know what those girder type things are if I tripped over one and, given my undesirable habit of tripping over things, it’s not beyond the bounds of possibility but the scene caught my eye.


Kind regards to all,


M.Zuiko 12-50mm macro mode.

Fitted with my own after market lens hood.

Hi everyone,

This lens was my first micro four thirds lens as it came with my original OM-D E-M5 I camera. I was far too quick to dismiss this lens in favour of “better” lenses, a lesson I’ve well and truly learned since. Recently I’ve been re-visiting the lens and it’s very impressive macro mode. I grabbed a few items and set the camera up on a tabletop tripod on self timer. The lens is also weather sealed and I took it out with me the other day on a recent trip into Bognor.

Now a few shots taken with the macro mode.

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