It’s a funny old game :)


I’ve just had my seventh work “explored”Β on Flickr. As many of you know I don’t very often produce absolutely “straight” photographic work which, on the whole, I think that Flickr explore seems to prefer so I’m always surprised and delighted when one of my works appear there. By way of a little celebration I thought I’d post them here in chronological order. The first work entitled “Last of the Summer Wine” is a pretty conventional work but still a surprise when it appeared in Explore.


And then came this work “Between the Ponds” which came as a real surprise as it’s an out and out, full on painterly work and generally-speaking more reflective of my style and interest.


The next two works “The colours of spring” and “Under Pressure!” again in a painterly style and, in the later case, Β the first of my “Klimtesque” style works to be explored.



This work, “Good Light” is a bit of both, certainly not an out and out straight work and not overtly painterly either., a sort of halfway house if you like and marks a bit of a change in my style.


My most recent explores ” Come all ye faithful” and “Dreamscape” have really pleased me as I think that they reflect the direction which my work has taken recently.

34683310491_436b626742_z (2).jpg

34911948860_328a0f5d96_z (1).jpg

Another place that I sometimes post my work to is to the Olympus Gallery. Understandably Β perhaps they nearly always favour straight photography as they’re a manufacturer of photographic equipment but it would be nice if they occasionally recognised that not everyone that uses their equipment produces conventional photographic works.

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More Quotes from the Dark

Hi everyone,

The fruits of my second collaboration with poet Yvonne WhiteΒ , this time featuring my recent work “Paper Rose” You can see our first collaborative workΒ here.

Best wishes

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‘Let the Rose speak’

There is so much I could say
things built up in my heart, trembling and afraid
I long to express
that which crushes my chest
but my words have again failed me

They say that actions speak louder
much louder than words, yet I cower
so afraid
a mistake will be made
I hide myself so you won’t see

I don’t want to lose you
it would break me in more pieces than two
And so I’ve come here
with just this rose, my dear
in hopes it will say all that I never could

I chose it carefully
because it’s just like you – see?
So pure and white
so true, so right
you are my world, be that as it should

All I ask with this single rose
is that I can be the one you chose
To love, to hold
may I be so bold?
I want all of you, have all of me

I’ll close my eyes now
and with all my hope, bow
to wait with baited breath
heart pounding in my chest
for this single rose to bloom for you, for I, for we …

– TerriLynn Le Blanc Β©2017

Various ramblings of the mind.

Hi everyone,

Following my recent first collaboration with the poet Yvonne WhiteΒ  it got me thinking about my interest in poetry. I’ve always enjoyed poetry. Unlike my work which is visual and any sentiment that I express can be obscure and open to interpretation poets very often quite literally (pun not intended) put their soul on the line which I think is a pretty brave thing to do. Without wishing to sound like a philistine I sometimes find the “great” poets like Byron, Shelley, Wordsworth etc. somewhat inaccessible, on the whole I prefer modern day poetry, something that I can identify with, as Pam Ayres put it : “Oh, I wish I’d looked after me teeth” Β πŸ™‚ .

On another note I’ve found over time that my choice of photographic equipment has become less and less important to me. Yes, I want to start out with images that give me the greatest amount of scope when I’m processing them and I want lightweight, well built equipment but just about any camera gear that ticks those boxes will produce imagery that I can happily work with. Modern system cameras contain every function that I’m ever going to need and a great many more that I most probably will never ever use. I saw in an advert for some image editing software that used the term “Create technically perfect pictures”, as if it’s the Holy Grail, what the heck is a technically perfect picture?. If there was such a thing wouldn’t it be the very antipathy of creativity and experimentation?!

Lastly I was thinking of my love of travel photography and wishing that I had the opportunity and means to visit all those amazing places around the world that I’ll most probably never be able to see. Every time I see one of those travel programs on the TV I positively salivate and see photographic works in the making everywhere. I don’t know how to describe the feeling but it’s a very similar feeling to that which I get when I’m looking through my viewfinder at something that visually fascinates and excites me.

Well, enough of my ramblings πŸ™‚

Best wishes

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Quotes from the Dark.


My first collaboration and I hope the first of many with the very talented poet and writer Yvonne White. Please check out her Facebook Page Quotes from the DarkΒ for more of her beautiful emotive inspirational prose and imagery.

Best wishes

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Streams running with gold
flowing over the rocks of her soul
ever changing their path
shaping and smoothing her edges

And when the rains come
the streams only become rivers
with more strength, comes more change
with more change, more growth

So let the rains come
let the rivers flood over their banks
I don’t want to be this broken thing
I want the gold to seep in
… and change this soul forever
– tlb (c)2017