More Quotes from the Dark

Hi everyone,

The fruits of my second collaboration with poet Yvonne Whiteย , this time featuring my recent work “Paper Rose” You can see our first collaborative workย here.

Best wishes

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‘Let the Rose speak’

There is so much I could say
things built up in my heart, trembling and afraid
I long to express
that which crushes my chest
but my words have again failed me

They say that actions speak louder
much louder than words, yet I cower
so afraid
a mistake will be made
I hide myself so you won’t see

I don’t want to lose you
it would break me in more pieces than two
And so I’ve come here
with just this rose, my dear
in hopes it will say all that I never could

I chose it carefully
because it’s just like you – see?
So pure and white
so true, so right
you are my world, be that as it should

All I ask with this single rose
is that I can be the one you chose
To love, to hold
may I be so bold?
I want all of you, have all of me

I’ll close my eyes now
and with all my hope, bow
to wait with baited breath
heart pounding in my chest
for this single rose to bloom for you, for I, for we …

– TerriLynn Le Blanc ยฉ2017

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