Quotes from the dark # 3

Hi everyone, my latest collaboration with Poet Yvonne Whiteย this time with my recent work titled “Out of the Blue“. My previous collaborations here and here.

Best wishes

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‘A Romance That Never Should Have Been’

She was built for starlight
all glitter, glow, and fire
She had the heart of a lion
and passion that would never tire
With a mind as sharp as any blade
and a tongue to match
She could tangle a man’s soul with a smile
their hearts, in her delicate hands, she’d catch

Always saying she’d never be tamed
always promising she’d go her own way
yet Life is a funny and fickle thing
because it listens to the things we say
It was a moment out of the blue
the thing that caged her heart
and like a tamed beast, she gave in
never thinking she could fall apart

But like any promise that’s ever made
all the things he said where just lies
and while her heart was caged within his gaze
her very soul started to die
The night he left was like any other
to the world around her, all was the same
but in her cage, her heart stopped it’s beat
and her soul’s raging fire became but a flame

She is built for shadows now
all ghost, shadow, and ghoul
there is nothing left of the queen she was
she’s no longer royalty, but the joker, the fool
Her heart is still encased, to this day
in the very cage he entrapped it in
but its still, its quiet, it never truly beats
her out of the blue romance was an end …
… that never should have been

– TerriLynn Le Blanc ยฉ2017

Image/photo – ‘Out of the Blue’ by Leigh Kempย ยฉ2017

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