Once it’s in your blood

Hi everyone,

Earlier today I was invited to join a discussion on Facebook with artists around the world and it was a very enjoyable experience chatting with and viewing their work. Made some new talented artist friends and exchanged some really interesting and inspirational ideas.

When I was chatting it made me stop and think about my work and I typed this comment which I’m reprinting here “I think the thing that I’ve learned the most is that my work doesn’t really fit easily in any ready made pigeon holes. If I describe myself as an artist then a lot of people’s expectations are that I carry brushes and an easel around with me on my travels. If I describe my work as Fine Art Photography then people expect pure unadulterated photography. I guess I like to blur these preconceived lines and do whatever takes my fancy in whatever style that I wish. Maybe that’s the root cause of why it doesn’t sell, maybe it falls between two stools so as to speak but it’s what drives me on.”

There have been and I’m sure that there will be more times when I think to myself maybe it’s time to quit but I know in my heart of hearts that I can’t it’s a drug that once in your bloodstream it never leaves, the craving is so very strong. Every time I start work on ย and experiment with new ideas in a new work the “rush” of excitement is simply so enjoyable and vital.

Kind regards

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