Toughing it out!


I knew before I started that it was going to be incredibly tough and, in that respect, I haven’t been dissapointed, trying to get established and promote my artwork is by far the most difficult and challenging thing that I’ve ever done. There have been a great many times this year when I’ve come extremely close to calling it a day and admitting defeat but every time I think to myself “Come on Leigh!, you’re made of tougher stuff than that, you have to keep going!”.

At the end of the day I don’t have a choice. I’ve put myself in a situation where there are only two possible outcomes, succeed or crash and burn and failure is absolutely not an option at my time of life nor is going back to a mind-numbingly boring, repetative, non-creative, thankless, no-brainer of a job, I’d rather die trying to do something that I love than succeed in something that I detest and rejoining the ranks of the living dead.

I know what I am capable of, it’s a case of getting the chance to prove it to others. I’m not being immodest but I do have a faith in my creative abilities, I know that I can deliver if someone shows a little faith and trust in me.

So, I’m still toughing it out even though it gets tougher by the day. I won’t give up!, in the words of the song “You aint seen nothing yet, baby you just aint seen nothing yet!”.

Best wishes