New work: “Natural Textures”


Yes, you’ve guessed it, another work of Richmond Park. ๐Ÿ™‚ I spotted this drainage ditch running to the pond and thought it might make an interesting composition.

My least favourite word in the English Dictionary

….is “Processing” when it is used in the context of digital photography followed closely by “Workflow” (if that is one word) :).

It always seems to me that it sounds like one uses some sort of industrial process like producing cat food or something in a factory and is the absolute opposite of trying to create anything remotely artistic.

When I sit down with a digital file I never know where it’ll lead me, I simply don’t have a workflow, to me it’s totally contradictory to experimentation. If I had a processing workflow then all my work would look the same, be quite predictable and, to me, there’s no fun and learning curve in that whatsoever, it would bore me to death!.

Best wishes