Great balls of fire they’re hot!!

Hi folks,

If you’re in the UK, those awfully nice guys at Mr. Sing’s the makers of my favourite curry sauce have an excellent initiative goingย  this week –

I quote:

“As Ant Middleton (From Who Dares) said, the strong take care of the weak or those in need duringย difficult times.

Therefore, until the end of the month, for every mixed box of crisps we sell, we will donateย ALL PROFITSย to buying a care package for whoever needs it.

We will send supplies, food or whatever is need to play our part in serving others.”

Click here to buy a box

I’ve got my box, great crisps and VERY hot and spicy.ย I had to wait until my eyes stopped watering so that I could see to type this ๐Ÿ™‚


All the best


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