A matter of style.

Hi everyone,

Recently I’ve been experimenting a lot in my work with different techniques. Since I started to use Skylum Software’s Aurora HDR 2019 I’ve been re-discovering HDR. I’m never sure what styles and subjects are the more popular and those that aren’t. Although being identified with a particular style is commercially good, it can also be a double-edged sword and become staid, dull and repetitive and, personally, boring.

I simply find that I’m not content with, what I call, “straight” photography as a great deal of my pleasure and enjoyment is in processing. That’s when I feel alive and really in to my work.ย  Experimentation is constantly the factor that drives me. That’s why my work is varied, sometimes more photographic, sometimes more painterly, sometime a mixture of the two and all things in between, but there’s always a lot going on when I’m working on my images and I hope that folks enjoy them and that my work isn’t getting boring.

Best wishes,

leigh sig 2

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