An example workflow using Topaz Labs and Skylum Software.

Hi everyone,

I thought I’d post a workflow example using one of my shots from my recent visit to All Saints Church, Kingston Upon Thames.

Original image.


Lens corrections and corrected verticals in DXO PhotoLab 2 + Viewpoint 3, my standard RAW editing software.

dxo processed image.jpg

As this image was shot at ISO 1600 I used Topaz Labs’ A.I Clear to remove the noise, more apparent in the full sized crops below.

workflow 1

workflow 2.jpg

After A.I clear

after AI clear.jpg

Sharpened using Topaz Labs’ Sharpen A.I. The effect is quite subtle but noticeable in full size image. Full sized crops:

workflow 3.jpg

workflow 4.jpg

After Sharpen AI

sharpened image.jpg

HDR from Skylum Software”s Aurora HDR 2019

aurora image.jpg

A few adjustment made to taste usingย Sklyum Software’s Luminar 3 including White Balance correction and here’s the final result. I also wanted to restore some of the colour and contrast in the stained glass window over the doorway.


This was a quick edit but I think that it shows the awesome power of these Artificial Intelligence software products from these companies and the original image again for comparison.


Kind regards

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