New work: “Industrial Strength”

A new work based on an old family photograph of my late grandmother (left of centre) working in a factory circa 1920’s. Look at the age of the boys especiallyย  the boy in the bottom left.

She was an amazing woman, born just before the turn of the century in 1899, the first woman in the UK to hold a motorcycle driver’s license and she had a very hard working life and lived through two world wars but was always very cheerful a very “strong” and very kind woman. In the middle of the “Blitz” in 1940 her and her husband sold their house and moved back in to London so that she could nurse her sister who was very ill and she was a second mother to her sister’s children.

Later in life she battled spinal problems, cancer and a heart condition, any one of which is bad enough, but I never saw her let her health issues get her down.

A truly remarkable, caring and courageous woman.


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