New work: Colourful abstract “Butterfly wings and things”


15% discount on my works on

Hi everyone,

To celebrate the launch of my new shop on I am offering a 15% discount on all orders for my work. Use discount coupon code RSUKDK at the checkout. Valid until 30/09/2015.

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LeighDiscount on Pixels

When the going gets tough, the tough turn to soft furnishings :)

Throw in the pillows

Hi folks,

I’m not throwing in the towel and I haven’t sold out πŸ™‚ however a selection of my work is now available on throw cushions/pillows, tote bags, mobile phone cases, duvet covers, shower curtains etc. on (Fine Art America), Oh, and they also sell framed and un-framed prints and canvases! ;).

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I spy with my beady eye…

Brighton beach selective colour. I really liked the vantage point that these two seagulls adopted. Looks like they’ve got things pretty well covered πŸ™‚


Last of the Summer Wine

Brighton beach on a hot day, nuff said πŸ™‚

As close as I get to a “straight” photograph!

The lady reminds me a bit of my late grandmother, you could put the clock back 50 years to when I was a child and I can still close my eyes and picture her sitting in a deckchair in her Sunday-best floral “frock” at the seaside, pure nostalgia.


Website and updates

Hi folks,

I’ve updated my website quite a lot lately. Not a particularly popular venture as it seems that even Google have stopped visiting πŸ™‚ and I’ve also updated my page. I just don’t have the monetary resources to try and promote my work any more than I currently do. If you do visit the website try out the slider on the left-most picture on the home page. I like the before/after view of one of my works from the original photo to the finished artwork.

Webste Updates

About me updates

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New work: “Fruity Concoction”

Time for something a bit more abstract πŸ™‚


New work: “Gone Fishing”

Another painterly, textured work of a chap fishing. Taken with my Sigma ART 60mm lens.


New work: “Essence of a Summer’s day”.


A painterly, textured work of some wild flowers. Glad I took along one of my lesser used lenses, my 60mm Sigma ART lens.

New work: “The lanes” – Brighton

One of my favourite parts of Brighton, the narrow twisty lanes.