“I love it when a plan comes together”


I thought I’d write a few words about my photographic trip out yesterday morning. I wasn’t feeling very inspired yesterday as I’ve visited the town so many times that I thought I’d been there, done that and got the T.shirt so as to speak. I decided that I’d have a coffee and see if I could come up with some ideas. The coffee was good but I left the cafe still without any real ideas so thought I’d do what I usually do and walk around in search of inspiration.

I stumbled upon this great wall mosaic with various animals and the idea started to take shape in my head that the birds would look good in a photo-blend so I photographed them and then the sky. Give me an hour and a camera and I’ve usually found something that I want to photograph,.I should have realised by now that it only takes a second for an idea to form in one’s head.

By the time I’d returned home I’d thought about how the work might look and thought about possible titles which sometimes have a direct bearing on the finished work. First of all I worked on the sky, I wanted to turn a rather ordinary-looking sky into something more dramatic and colourful and once I had got this I worked on adding the birds, put it all together and added the finishing touches and voila “Follow the sun” was born. As Hannibal used to say in the A-Team, “I love it when a plan comes together” :).


Best wishes